Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zero Tolerance - Easier Than Thinking!

Apparently the state of Oklahoma has a problem with pre-school gangbangers...

Dress code bars Oklahoma City kindergartner from wearing University of Michigan T-shirt
An Oklahoma City student was forced to turn his shirt inside-out because he was wearing a University of Michigan T-shirt, violating the district’s dress code.

Fox 25 reports that the 5-year-old kindergartner violated a 2005 rule created by the Oklahoma City Public Schools banning clothing with sports team logos unless they are from Oklahoma colleges or universities. The rule, which was established due to gang affiliations some teams carry, excludes all professional teams, including the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Of course, "zero tolerance" is the reason for this insanity. Apparently, in the mid 2000s OK City had a gang problem, and their brain trust came up with the idea to outlaw all sports-related apparel. It seems that gang members were identifying themselves with certain team jerseys and hats, so, naturally, the way to deal with this was to ban all team jerseys and hats. When your only tool is a nerf hammer, every problem looks like a foam-filled nail.

Naturally, no one questioned their intellectual superiors in administration when this policy was enacted, so some seven years later, some poor kindergartener has to turn their new T-shirt inside-out because of a namby-pamby response to gang violence nearly a decade prior. The best part is that the school is doubling down on stupid:
OKCPS Superintendent Karl Springer said the district will determine if the rule is outdated.
No, the rule isn't outdated. The rule is stupid. It addresses a tiny fraction of the problem - how the gangs identify each other - while ignoring the elephant in the room of what to do with school aged gang members. Much like gun control, where we see criminals using firearms to commit crimes and decide the answer is to ban bayonet lugs, they're addressing a tiny part of the problem that will do nothing except harass the innocent so that they can look like they're doing something.

Here's a tip: If the choice is between doing something stupid and ineffectual and nothing, choose nothing...

That is all.
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Jennifer said...

Ah geez. We're supposed to be smarter than that here in flyover country.

Wally said...

You know, this would be valid aside from the total supremacy of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.

Go buckeyes!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he shouted out, "OKC Crips rule Dog!" to all his 5 year old friends.