Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Too Bad It Didn't Make the DGC...

Scott in Detroit sends in this almost DGC story. I really hope this woman is one of the many people my friend Rick Ector has taught for her CHL...

Detroit woman shoots back at would-be carjackers
DETROIT - A Detroit woman targeted by would-be carjackers surprised them by shooting back at them.
Alaina Gonville walked out of a store at Plymouth Road and Myers Road earlier this month and was confronted by two men. One of them started shooting in an attempt to rob Gonville and steal her sport utility vehicle.
They walked up and started shooting at her with a rifle. Most people would have rolled over and died at that point - or the NYPD would have shot a dozen bystanders - but her first instinct was to get mad and shoot back.

[pauses to let cheers die down]

Bravo, Ms. Gonville, bravo. She was wounded - pretty severely - in the firefight, but she survived. Where the goblins opened up with a rifle at close range, it's highly doubtful that she would have been able to "give them what they want" like the antis tell us. She'd be dead by the side of the road if she listened to the anti-freedom brigade who counsel her and millions like her to just give in to the demands of armed criminals - because sometimes, what the criminal wants is for you to die so you can't be a witness against them.

I just hope she hit a couple of them, and they died slowly over a couple of days because they refused to get medical help...

That is all.

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