Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tinfoil Time!

Blogson PISSED sends along a rather disturbing solicitation:

13--Ammunition and Shooting Targets
Solicitation Number: DG-1330-12-RQ-1028
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Location: National Weather Service

The National Weather Service needs ammo and targets? In total, some 46,000 rounds of .40 S&W hollowpoints and frangible rounds are being ordered for locations in MA, ME, NJ, and FL. Now, try as I may, I can't see any scenario where the National Weather Service needs that much ammunition. Is our new response to hurricanes and snowstorms to shoot at the weather front?

Something's going on here, and while I don't think this is the FEMA concentration camps I can't help but wonder if it's got something to do with ammunition shortages. I've noticed a distinct lack of 9mm recently, and .40 S&W seemed to be back on the shelves. Now, I don't think that 46K rounds is a large enough order to make a dent in the supply, but how many other requests like this are floating around?

Most importantly, though, I'd like to see the justification for the NWS needing firearms...

That is all.


Ruth said...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Jay, it's for the Fish Police. Supply just screwed up and used the wrong code.

Paul, Dammit! said...

NOAA's horrific policies have driven about half of all of New England's commercial fishermen into bankruptcy or insolvency in the past 3 years alone. Maybe they're getting ready to finish the job?

Jay G said...

Someone proposed a corollary to Hanson's Law when in regards to this administration: Never attribute to stupidity that which can be attributed to malice.

The "traditional" media isn't going to watch this administration - Fast and Furious saw enough proof of that.

That's where we come in.

Maybe this was a simple mistake.

Or maybe not.

When the Black Panthers can intimidate people outside of a polling place with weapons (although political signs aren't allowed) and yet are not so much as investigated, well, you have to wonder.

Especially when the same group makes claims of putting "boots on the neck" of a certain political party's followers.

I'm sick of playing nice. Nice guys really do finish last.

Stretch said...

I don't worry 'bout .40S&W when I've a .30-06.
Just think of those .40 caliber stockpiles as potential booty.

Mopar said...

Of course, just because you ARE paranoid doesn't mean they AREN'T out to get you.
Social Security Administration Wants To Purchase 174,000 Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets

Andie said...

So it's the NOAA an SSA now...did they all get an advanced directive on an uprising that the rest of us missed?

Anonymous said...

The order was actually placed for Fisheries (game wardens) and it was actually 16,000 rounds, which my local PD goes through in practice in about a year.

Will Brown said...

Maybe this is all about The Coup, or maybe it's more about this. Since no one in the Executive Branch of the is going to seppuku their carreer actually talking about political eventualities, the fact is that all such agancies seem to be stocking up on consumables to the extent they can. Maybe it's in preparation for a deliberate political action (that is the PC expression for political coup isn't it?), or maybe it's to leave as much as possible of future budget monies available for staff/payroll applications so as to stave off the effects of potential RIF's some other White House resident's future budget reductions might impose.

Say what you like about bureaucrats, but the ones who control budget expenditure know who's job is hardest to justify come lay-off time. Any money they can arrange to be available to re-allocate to keeping themselves gainfully employed for another year or two seems a far more likely explanation of these recent ammo expenditures than anything else IMO.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Read through the the comments from the climate blog Watt's Up With That for an insider's answer.

Short version: it's about the fisheries wardens, it's about the end of the budget cycle, it's about spending the money that one part of NOAA has left over for the benefit of another part.

Anonymous said...

Ammo bought in this fiscal year has to be used up by the end of this fiscal year (Sep 30th) as well. Just sayin'.