Sunday, August 26, 2012

This Week...

Kilted to Kick Cancer starts on Saturday.

Last year we raised over $12,000 for cancer research, a ragtag assembly of gun- and EMS- bloggers, with scant notice or preparation. This year's goal is quadruple that - $50,000 - and AD and I want to exceed that goal. We'll be wearing kilts for the month of September for the fundraising efforts, and the contest is open to any and all bloggers who'd care to join.

Ambulance Driver has done a magnificent job of cajoling wheedling begging asking for prizes, and has assembled three simply stunning prize packages. All are equally awesome, and they're being offered to the top three fundraisers in order of money raised (i.e. most money raised gets their choice of all three). Any one of those packages would be fantastic.

But I want my choice.

Ambulance Driver, as he's the organizer, has recused himself from the competition. Last year he was concerned that some folks might perceive a conflict of interest in his organizing the competition as well as participating, so this year he has opted out of the challenge. That's dedication, folks, to walk away from these awesome prizes, and I applaud AD for this decision.

That does not, however, mean that I will settle for second place again this year.

In the coming weeks I'll be announcing some surprises of my own, thanks to some wonderful friends and sponsors. Last year you folks were outrageously generous and donated your hard-earned shekels to support our efforts, and I cannot thank y'all enough for the kindness in choosing my efforts to support (really, no matter who you donated to, thank you, of course!).

This year, though, I'll be offering, shall we say, incentives to donate through me...

And I don't just mean incentives like seeing more of this:

A shaved head biker of Italian ancestry shooting a flyweight 38 snubbie with a Glock strapped to his waist - while wearing a kilt. How often are you going to see something like that? In the August heat I wore a heavy kilt to a bloggershoot (although there was no shooting prone...) because I wanted a jump start on kilted pictures.

Folks, I'm committed to two things this year - exceeding our new goal of $50K raised, and kicking AD's butt in the fundraising efforts. I hope to give plenty of reasons to donate through my site as opposed to the others, and appreciate every penny you see fit to toss my way. No matter who you donate through, we'll still be raising money for cancer research and awareness of prostate cancer - and everybody wins that way.

I do hope I can count on your support to donate on my behalf.

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Geez, sucking up ALREADY??? :-)

Lupis42 said...

I can come up with an even hundred if you'll do a full-weekend Appleseed in a kilt.

*Warning: this will involve shooting prone*

Rifleman762 said...

"*Warning: this will involve shooting prone"

...and hopefully a closed leg, rather than an open leg seated position...