Friday, August 31, 2012

That's The Best You Got???

Friend, commenter, blogshoot attendee, new gunnie, and all-around good guy Brad_in_MA sent in this interesting story:

Mass. city rejects pub with scantily clad staff
QUINCY, Mass.—The city, following objections from religious leaders, has denied a license to a national Scottish-themed sports bar chain whose staff wear skimpy tartan skirts and revealing tops.

The Quincy licensing board voted 3-2 Tuesday to deny a license to Tilted Kilt after hearing from members of the religious community in the city just south of Boston.
Having partaken of the food at the Tilted Kilt in Pittsburgh, I can think of a couple dozen better reasons why they shouldn't be allowed to open that restaurant. Most of them, of course, revolve around the fact that while you might be able to fool folks in AZ and Pittsburgh, trying the cheesy pseudo-Scots thing in Boston might not go over so well. The service is mediocre, the food about the same, the noise level is astronomical - although it would be interesting to see if Bahstin has cranky old men who would complain about gunbloggers spoiling his quiet dinner...

Opposing it on "religious" grounds is laughable. I don't recall a "thou shalt not spend too many shekels on sub-par food in order to ogle legs" commandment - and it's not like the Tilted Kilt is any different from any number of chains that rely on attractive, scantily-clad waitstaff to draw in clientele. It's akin to the city of Saugus refusing a license to Hooters on the grounds of "community objections" and claims it would lower property values - ignoring the giant orange dinosaur at the mini golf place and the giant neon plastic cactus at Hilltop.

No, it's classic New England Puritanism at work again, keeping businesses from opening owing to centuries-old prejudices - how positively enlightened.

That is all.


Erin Palette said...

I've often thought of the commercial viability of opening a restaurant chain called "Babe-ushkas", whose schtick was basically that of Hooters or Tilted Kilt but with a faux-Russian theme:

* Exotic beauties wearing furry ushankas, speaking with exaggerated Rrrrroooossian accents.

* Simple meals of meat and potatoes, with names similar to "Strong, Like Bull."

* An extensive collection of Vodka at the bar.

Think it would work?

Paul, Dammit! said...

Jay, Quincy has 1) many, many good bars and restaurants 2) a healthy mix of PWT and middle class folks and 3) the largest per-capita concentration of southeast asians outside of southeast asia. There's no way a non-nudie bar would survive on mediocre food and pricey domestic beer with non-naked women serving it.

As I mentioned elsewhere, because the asian population in Quincy is notoriously circumspect about crime and dealing with crime in house, Quincy is saturated with 'massage' parlors with wall-to-wall underage sex slaves. With 15-year old sex workers in walking distance from every church in Quincy, I'm sure happy that they took the time to take a stand on important moral issues like successfully stopping a bar that has waitresses in uniforms that the church leaders don't approve of.

JD Rush said...


Bubblehead Les. said...

RE:Tilt n Kilt. Yeah, and they sure weren't Friendly to the CCW crowd during the NRA Convention, either.

Granted, that would be a Moot Point up in the VolksRepublik, but still....

Ed said...

When a Tilted Kilt opened in Tampa, my teenage sons insisted that we eat there. They recognized a few of the mini-skirted waitresses as girls they went to school with or the older sisters of friends, which destroyed the magic. Then they realized that the food was not as good as Hooters, which returned them completely to reality. We have not been back to Tilted Kilt, but still go to Hooters.

Robert said...

We had a nice family restaurant which served a killer all-you-can eat Sunday brunch; unfortunately, the owner changed it to a Tilted Kilt. Didn't last long.

Ken O said...

Nah, Bhurkakini's. Babes in bikinis with just the head covering. Just to piss them off.