Thursday, August 2, 2012

ProTip: Don't Be A Dumbass...

Another dispatch from the BLNN...

Philly man allegedly carries AK-47 on subway during rush hour

Authorities say a Philadelphia man is behind bars after he carried a partly disassembled AK-47 assault rifle and other weapons onto a crowded subway car during rush hour.

Investigators say Jermal Ponds, 28, also had a loaded handgun and a 12-inch bayonet when he was arrested Tuesday evening.
Police say a search also turned up about two dozen Percocet pills and more than an ounce of marijuana after a passenger getting off at City Hall told a transit officer she'd seen a man apparently carrying a gun.

Some important pieces of information that are missing from this "article":

1. Was Ponds a "prohibited person"?
2. Was the Perc prescribed to him?
3. Did Ponds have a concealed carry permit?
4. What kind of criminal record does Ponds have?

I'm guessing the answers are yes, no, and no here, but it would be nice if the media, you know, did its job rather than just trying to carry the anti-gun lobby's water.

Q: What gun laws are going to stop a felon dealing drugs from getting and carrying firearms? A: None. If he was in fact prohibited, he had no business even touching either of the two firearms he was carrying; the fact that he had illegal drugs in his possession makes me doubt very strongly that he was in fact a legitimate gun owner...

Using stories like these to drum up support for gun control is only going to hurt the anti-gun side - as long as we stay vigilant...

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

Good questions all, and figure the odds of getting a straight answer!

George said...

What does "party disassembled" mean? There ain't too much to disassemble on an AK. And he had a bayonet? How much do you want to bet he was carrying a parts kit? That's what it sounds like to me.

George said...

Click through to the Inquirer article. ( It wasn't a parts kit, but he had removed the stock. But the quotes from the article are laughable:

"He had a face on him, like he was up to no good,"

Biased much?

"Adorno found the suspect hiding in the back corner of the last car."

...or as we call it here, "sitting."

Raptor said...

Jay, it's Philly. Doesn't matter if he has a CCP or not; doesn't matter if he's a prohibited person or not; doesn't matter if he had a prescription or not. Wouldn't have even mattered if they'd busted him with a pocket knife instead of an AK: he's still gonna get his ass thrown in jail for daring to arm himself.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Let's answer your questions,
1. Hard to say, see #4
2. No see arrest sheet for this crime
3. Certaccording to #3, no
4. See previous criminal charge sheets

You will note that the first one had pretty substantial weapons charges to go with the Aggravated Assault charge, but they were all thrown out. Near as I can tell he was convicted of simple assault and reckless endangerment.

The second docket sheet shows him getting a diversionary program for marijuana possession

He's not one of us.

Thanks to Sebastian for showing me how to look up PA docket sheets.