Monday, August 13, 2012

Poor, Poor Taxagawea...

When even Boston papers take potshots at your ridiculous rhetoric...

Elizabeth Warren adds to the cost of education
Have you seen the latest television ad by Fauxcahontas Warren?
The new commercial talks about the high cost of education.
She says to the camera with a straight face that “our kids are crushed by debt ... because they got an education.” She’s right that education is expensive. Wonder why? It might be because of professors like her earning $350,000 a year to teach one class.
Robichaud then goes on to detail the different positions that Warren has been compensated for - including nearly 200K for less than a year's worth of "work" overseeing TARP distributions - which pretty much render Warren's attacks on Scott Brown moot. Only in Massachusetts could the millionaire Warren be middle class while 200K/year Scott Brown is the rich-and-out-of-touch one.

Especially touching is the fact that Warren elected not to pay the higher tax rate that all MA residents can choose - but none, even the "fair share" advocates like Warren and John Kerry, actually do.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

How much did she pay for her education? Enquiring minds want to know?

My guess, less than 10% of the cost.


Roger said...

Ya gotta remember, "Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat"
Laws don't apply to you, truth is something that simply is not in your toolbag, honor is old fashioned.
When you apply the above standard to Lizzie, you can understand her.
The sad part is that Lizzie is a rank novice compared to the Chicago thugs in the white house.

Old NFO said...

I can't believe she's even still in the running... sigh

SpeakerTweaker said...

Not only is she middle class, but she's a minority.

You racist.