Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pickin' On A Poor Defenseless Old Lady...

Numerous folks sent in this rather humorous story:

Woman, 65, shoots at would-be jewelry store robbers in Garden Grove
Police are still looking for five would-be robbers who were chased away from a Garden Grove jewelry store by a 65-year-old woman who fired at the suspects.

The attempted heist occurred Sunday at Continental Jewelry in the 12000 block of Brookhurst Street. Surveillance footage from the store shows a white SUV backing up to the front of the building and five men getting out, pillowcases in hand.
I tried watching the video at the link, but had to turn it off in disgust as the teleprompter reader called it a "smash and grab". Listen, numbnuts, a smash-&-grab is when they come in, distract the clerk, and smash the case while the clerk's back is turned. This was an armed robbery, plain and simple. They came in and pointed guns at the clerk and a customer.

The clerk, however, did not cower, hide, duck&cover, or pray for divine intervention. She went for her Smith & Wesson and started shooting, causing the crooks to scramble for their lives. They were so scared that three of them were left behind by their getaway driver while a 65 year old woman had them cowering in terror.

Of course, the Brady Bunch would rather that a 65 year old woman be at the mercy of five armed thugs than shoot back.

Lastly, on the video front. JD Rush provides us with a much better video experience...

Caution: Extreme Drink Spray-or-Spill Alert - please swallow all beverages before clicking the video in the above link...

That is all.

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Tango said...

Made that when I first read the story. It's very fitting!