Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Big Guy sent this in. I'd say "imagine if it were one of us" except that, well, you'll see...

Secret Service gun inadvertently left in Romney plane lavatory
(CBS News) A gun belonging to a member of Mitt Romney's U.S. Secret Service detail was found unattended in the bathroom of the candidate's charter plane Wednesday afternoon. The Republican nominee was traveling from Tampa, Fla., site of his party's convention, to Indianapolis, Ind., for a speech.

The weapon, presumably left behind in the bathroom by accident, was discovered by a CBS News/National Journal reporter, who alerted a flight attendant about the gun. A member of the Secret Service on board the plane was informed and retrieved the gun.

You know, I've been carrying for nearly 20 years now, and I've never left my gun in the crapper. Maybe it's because, well, it's mine, I paid for it, and I'll be darned if I'm going to lose my property. Maybe it's because, well, it's just plain not safe to leave a loaded weapon unattended in a semi-public area. Or, maybe it's because, well, if they wanted to a DA could make my life miserable - and my Chief of Police would most likely revoke my permit.

But it's all a moot point, because it was on a plane. Only the highest trained, most disciplined of armed Federal agents are allowed to carry a firearm on a plane - and, apparently, forget said heater in the loo...This is one of those stories that I'm sure will be self-correcting, at least for that agent - after about the 50th time someone's left a toilet seat on his desk, he will regret that incident more than the message any administrative punishment could ever drive home.

Of course, it would be fitting if this were the last straw and this agent just flushed his career with that boneheaded move...

That is all.

(Lord help me, I just couldn't resist...)

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MeatAxe said...

They are the Only Ones highly trained enough to leave their boomsticks in the crapper.