Friday, August 3, 2012

Off To The Windy City...

Okay, by the time this posts I should be en route to Chicago. The last leg of our whirlwind family vacation is taking us to Chicago for two nights before our flight home, for two reasons: First, so that we can relax a bit before getting back into the grind - we've had a week of family events (which have been great, mind you), but precious little downtime. Secondly, a very old and dear friend of mine lives less than an hour from O'Hare airport (we're staying near O'Hare), so he's coming to dinner with us Saturday night.

There's so much I want to see and do in Chicago. I want to ride the "L". I want to have a Chicago-style pizza. I want to see if the dead vote. I want to see Wrigley Field (1060 West Addison!). And, of course, since Illinois doesn't allow any form of carry (concealed or otherwise), it's a crime-free paradise, of course...

Anyhoo, what is there to do in Chicago for the day?

That is all.

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Angus McThag said...

Museum of Science and Industry
Adler Planetarium
Shedd Aquarium

Just hops and skips from Wrigley.

Anonymous said...

Angus hit my list. I got to fly into Meigs Field (of blessed memory) and walked over to the Shedd to spend the day while my passengers had to do office-type work. A great time was had by all (or at least by me).


Kevin said...

My only stay in Chicago was an overnight layover due to a missed flight, but I have always wanted to see the Museum of Science and Industry.

Not too many museums have an entire U-Boat in them.

Mr.B said...

Add in field Museum.

Skydeck at Sears (Willis) tower.

And check your email,dude.

Anonymous said...

Read Second City cop blog and watch where you are going.

Really Jay watch where you go.


JD Rush said...

The U-505 tour was cool. Posted pics yesterday. I just got back from Chicago this week.
If you like bacon, go to Paddy Long's. It is 1 block off of the Brown line on Diversey. Then ride back to Belmont, switch to the Red line, back to Addison.

George said...

+1 on Science and Industry.

Coop said...

Skip the Sears Tower and hit the Signature Lounge in the Hancock Building instead... Grab a soda/beer and snack a sit along the windows at 96 Stories up... Free elevator ride, you just have to buy a drink. Family friendly.

Have Fun!

TheUnpaidBill said...

Gino's East Pizza!

Mopar said...

Cantigny park and the 1st division museum.

Kris said...

Lived there for 15 addition to the comments above:

+ Chinatown
+ Gold Coast
+ Chicago-style hot dog (kosher dog, pickle, onion, hot peppers, mustard -- you put ketchup on it, you're a Commie)
+ Garrett's popcorn
+ Architectural boat tour on the Chicago River
+ Second City
+ Any of the good Blues Bars
+ Malnati's stuffed pizza (better than Unos or Ginos or Giordanos)
+ Drive Lake Shore Drive (LSD)
+ Wrigleyville (Addison St)
+ Good Indian restaurants on Devon Street
+ Michigan Avenue and The Water Tower
+ Navy Pier - ehh, so-so


DaddyBear said...

Anyhoo, what is there to do in Chicago for the day?

I suggest "Duck and Cover" followed by "Serpentine".

Seriously, the aquarium is awesome. Pay extra for the dolphin show.

The Jack said...

"And, of course, since Illinois doesn't allow any form of carry (concealed or otherwise), it's a crime-free paradise, of course..."

By that logic you should be perfectly safe in NYC, provided you avoid the rich and famous friends of Baron Bloomberg.

Ooooooooohhhh. I see what you did there.

If you're looking for places to go well... do you like Sushi? There's Beni Hanas downtown.

The Jack said...

There's also Paradise Pup.

That's not too far from where you're staying.

The Jack said...

Maybe a handy link for food.

Sorry for the split posts.

John the Texaner said...

Beggar's Pizza, if you'll be near one. Chicago deep dish, with more cheese than you thought ever possible. We stopped by the location in Lansing last we were in Chicago, and 2 pieces had me stuffed.

Toejam said...

**Do not venture South or west of the Loop.


**Do see Museum of Science and Industry

**Take one of those city open top bus tours if the weather's nice. This sounds hokey, but my daughter and I were there last year and the people conducting the tour were knowledgable and on top of current events.

PS: If you see Rom Emanuel tell him I know he sucks donkey dick!

Tommy said...

Say hi to Elwood when you're at his apartment.

Stretch said...

Bergoff's Restaurant, 17 W. Adams.
Calories never tasted so good.
Liquor license #1.

The architecture boat tour on the Chicago River is great but may not appeal to the children.