Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MArooned Product Review: Zombie Industries Bleeding Zombie Targets

When I first saw the bleeding zombie targets from Zombie Industries, I thought to myself, "Self, that right there is one of the things that makes America great". These guys saw that the zombie craze was missing a certain 3D element to it - sure, there's plenty of zombie targets out there, but only in 2D and paper. See a need, fill a need, and voila! The bleeding zombie targets concept was born.

They had a few of the bleeding targets at Media Day at the Range at SHOT Show back in January, and I sought out Zombie Industries at the show. Had a great chat with Nick from ZMB (interesting side note behind the name involving Mossberg's new Zombie line of rifles, too, BTW), and mentioned the Northeast Bloggershoot and wanting to try one out. He was happy to help, and shipped out a bleeding zombie target and some other goodies a few weeks ago.

We set up the zombie target as our after-lunch fun:

I figured that setting it up after lunch would let the new shooters and attendees get more comfortable with the flow of the shoot, as well as not being as prone to opening shoot jitters. I think it worked well.

The targets really do bleed:

It's not instantaneous, as shown in the video:

Even though you can see the hits (I lurve my Handycam and the killer zoom!), the target doesn't bleed immediately. It's still really cool, because when you take a pause in the shooting action, all of a sudden it just starts... bleeding. Bright pink zombie blood. All over the range...

And, after several hours of shooting the bleeding zombie target with everything from 22s to shotguns (and numerous full auto weapons), it still had some unlife left in it:

Well, okay. There's really only room left on the shoulders. But really, this is after easily hundreds of rounds, possibly thousands. When it had been thoroughly ventilated on the regular range, we moved it up to the machine gun range and ran a whole bunch more rounds through it. The one thing that we didn't do, that I wish I'd thought of, was to light off the handgonne at bad breath distance just to see a 50 caliber lead ball go right through...

The bleeding zombie target was a heckuva lot of fun. It's not something you see every day, that's for sure - and with an MSRP of $90, it's not something you'd want to shoot every weekend. But for a special event like the bloggershoot, it's a one-of-a-kind target that provides all kinds of feedback and just a pure, visceral fun feeling to shoot. It held up exceptionally well to a high volume of fire (although the wooden stake they provided didn't last more than a couple of minutes before giving up the ghost entirely).

Thanks again to the good folks at Zombie Industries for sending this target for the shoot - we truly did DESTROY THE UNDEAD!

That is all.

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