Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MArooned Product Review: 5.11 RUSH72 Pack and Taclite Pro Pants

Shortly before I left on my whirlwind tour of the upper midwest, I was contacted by a representative from 5.11 Tactical about reviewing two items:

Their Taclite Pro Pants:

and their RUSH72 Bug Out Bag:

The pants are pretty self-explanatory; they're lightweight polycotton ripstop pants designed for warm(er) weather. There's two cargo pockets, a cell phone pocket, and a "knife pocket" (that looks perfect for a spare magazine...) as well as slash-cut rear pockets - plenty of room to carry all your EDC gear. The pants are treated with a Teflon wear-resistant finish and even come with a rear web strap, perfect for attaching carabiners (you do know where "5.11" comes from, right?).

The bag is intended as, well, a BoB - pretty self-explanatory there. The size, as foreshadowed by the name, is intended to provide sufficient space to pack goods for a weekend's worth of provisions. Padded straps and weight-distributing back supports are designed to distribute the weight of the pack evenly, and it can be configured easily for different sizes. Given the large number of pockets, dividers, straps, pouches, and webbing, it appears to be well-suited for the task at hand.

Both items will be tested over the coming weeks and months; if they're built like the other 5.11 products I've had experience with I expect both to hold up very well. I've been wearing 5.11 Covert Tactical pants literally every week since I got them over two years ago, and aside from a little fraying (after well over 100 washes each), have held up remarkably well. The pack appears to be of solid construction, and will see use with the Boy Scouts as well as on upcoming trips (let's see how it handles probulation!).

Since it's intended as a Bug-Out Bag, what should go in a three day BoB?

That is all.


libertyman said...

Well, no, I had never thought of what 5.11 meant until you teased us with it!

Anyway, their pants are great, but I like all cotton in the hot weather. Anything with synthetics is fine in cold weather for me, but summer is another story. I bought some of their stuff based on your reviews -- when was that-- a while ago?

Check out LA Police Gear as they often have deals on 5.11 stuff.

The bag looks good, maybe Maxpedition will send you some T & E samples, too.

aczarnowski said...

What goes in a three day BoB? What ever is in your current three day BoB. Sheesh. ;)

Stithjim said...


Have you tried the newer version of the Covert Khakis? They come in the exciting color array of Black and Khaki!

I recommend getting a pair and trying them out, I'm very pleased with my own.

AuricTech said...

"Since it's intended as a Bug-Out Bag, what should go in a three day BoB?"

Plenty of ideas over a Bill Quick's prepper forum.

Reven said...

Enough Calories for survival for 3 days, and a way to make fire and clean water and two changes of socks