Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Play A Game...

Read this story here:

Six kilos of cocaine, guns seized in Lynn bust
A man and woman from Randolph will be arraigned today in Quincy District Court, accused of stockpiling a cache of firearms and a half-million dollars worth of cocaine.

Jose R. Santana, 41, and Jessica Ramirez, 37, were busted Friday while driving through Lynn following a four-month investigation, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey announced last night.
Now, what's this "cache" of firearms, you ask? Excellent question. According to the breathless MA "news", it is:
...a .45 caliber pistol, a 9mm handgun, a .22 caliber rifle with large capacity clip, sights and silencer
Okay, first off, I'll bet dollars to donuts it's a fake suppressor; probably one of the slip-on jobs that come with guns like the KRISS or the .22 version of the MP5. Secondly, seriously? Two handguns and a .22 rifle is a cache? I *routinely* bring more than that to the range with me. Third, here's the real game: Assuming that the perpetrators are not illegal aliens (in which case Deval Patrick will insist that they be released so they don't get deported), which will get them more jail time, the drugs or the guns?

Now, I'll bet anything that the guns are stolen - any takers on whether or not the real owners ever get them back if this is the case? It's interesting to see that the guns garner as much attention - and charges - as six kilograms of cocaine. In the vast majority of states, the guns would be a non-issue (assuming they were not in the hands of felons, of course) - MA is one of the very few states that requires a permit simply to own a firearm. Cocaine, last time I looked, was illegal in all 50 states.

Yet they still got a whole lot of cocaine (or, if you will, a weekend's worth for Charlie Sheen). Those that would ban all guns would have you believe that passing a law banning all firearms would mean that all guns would disappear forever - because guns! Even in the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts, where you need a permit to simply own a firearm, a drug dealer managed to get not one, not two, but three firearms - yet just one more law would have stopped that from happening. They managed to get their hands on enough Bolivian nose candy to fuel Beacon Hill for a month, yet more laws are needed for guns...

It's a lot easier to demonize firearms than to, you know, address problems, isn't it?

That is all.


Andie said...

Hm, makes you wonder if the drugs breed the guns or the guns breed the drugs. These folks win on the firearms:

Glenn B said...

"...a .22 caliber rifle with large capacity clip, sights and silencer..."

I love the fact, that as for the 22, they also mention it had sights! Wow, that was truly in depth reporting of a totally inconsequential fact.

All the best,
Glenn B

Mopar said...

Glenn beat me to the part about the sights. ZOMG! It even had sights! And a trigger!!!!

To be perfectly fair though, sights on a gun DO indeed make it more lethal.

Anonymous said...

"Assuming that the perpetrators are not illegal aliens (in which case Deval Patrick will insist that they be released ... so they can go to college for free)"

fixed it for ya!

Sigivald said...

MY suspicion is that the .22 had "weird deadly murder sights" (aka a red dot or something), so someone thought it was noteworthy...

Ken O said...

Down here on the south Texas border, the retail price for a kilo is 19k. An article that I recently read about drug prices at Columbia university put the New England retail price around 200k per kilo. I am amazed that with easily converted, liquid assets like that, the dope dealer did not have a more significant armory to protect his business.

Old NFO said...

Lemme see, last range trip was...

Pythons x2

Plus 490 rounds of ammo, came home with NO ammo...

Bogie said...

Lets see, the small safe has 3 handguns in it - guess it isn't quite a stockpile because there is no long gun there.

The big safe has a larger number of the longer type guns. We go to the range with at least 3 long guns and 4 handguns, so we better not get pulled over or we'll be accused of having a stockpile in the car!

Oh, don't even get me started on ammo - how much is in the safes, and how much we take with us to the range (in the range of Old NFO)!

Anonymous said...

I work at the max here in the volksrepublic of bizarro world.
Your question: "which will get them more jail time, the drugs or the guns?"
Kind of a obvious one. I have not seen a single inmate convicted and doing more than 2 years time for weapons charges. I have seen mmmany more doing 25 plus for multiple drug charges, however. The major weapons charges are federal felonies and the state rarely chooses to refer the perpetrators to the feds.

Cormac said...

A pistol *AND* a handgun!??!?!!!¡¡¡!¡
What is this world coming to?