Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let Me Get This Straight...

With or without tax return release, pressure on Romney ramps up from both sides
The political pressure on Mitt Romney to release more of his personal income tax returns is causing some divisions inside the GOP presidential candidate’s camp, according to a Republican strategist close to the campaign.
Although some advisers are arguing privately that Romney needs to release additional filings to curb the political fallout, others are resisting that suggestion, reflecting the candidate’s longtime reluctance to publicly disclose information about his personal finances.
[scratches his head]

This is the same media that still hasn't asked President Obama about his time at Occidental College, right? The same media that yawned when it came to light that, well, half of Obama's administration hadn't even bothered to pay their taxes, right? And yet Mitt Romney is supposed to release tax returns going back to, well, his own conception would be my guess - and even then, it's doubtful that would be enough.

This whole mess points to the one bright spot about Mitt Romney becoming president, though. No longer will the media be a complicit partner in whatever scheme the president wants to foist on the American people. If Mitt Romney is elected, we can be assured that, for at least four years, the president of the United States will be exposed to the kind of media scrutiny that a president should face.

Shorter Jay: More Halliburton, less Fast&Furious...

That is all.

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