Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Official!

One week from tomorrow, Larry Correia will be in the Volksrepublik!!!

September Book Tour

September 6th, stock signings at Holyoke B&N, Annie’s Book Shop of Worcester, and Framingham B&N. Because I’m being driven around by someone, I’m not sure yet which times I’ll be hitting each of those, but I’ll be sure to Tweet/FB when I’m going to each that day.
Signing at the Burlington MA B&N, 7pm
Bingo. That's the one. Burlington is less than an hour from my house, so I'll even have time to grab my camera... I'm sure the place will be mobbed - yes, even in MA - so I think we ought to meet by 6:30. There are two Barnes & Nobles locations in Burlington, MA, so I'm awaiting clarification from Larry, but I would assume that it's the B&N by the Burlington Mall. I will post clarification as soon as I receive it.

So, who's in to meet the creative genius behind Monster Hunter?

That is all.

UPDATE: I have it from Larry that he will be at the Barnes & Noble by the Burlington Mall (98 Middlesex Turnpike). He'll be signing from 7 - 9, and will be up for a bite to eat afterwards. WOO HOO!!!


Rev. Paul said...

That is too cool for school!

Yankeefried said...

In, I hope.

Paul, Dammit! said...


Bubblehead Les. said...

Be sure to wear the Dress Kilt. That should raise some money for the Cause.

Ross said...


And if Jay won't, I will wear a kilt.

Dave in PB said...

I'm in

Christina LMT said...


Anonymous said...

I have class that night and then I'm OnCall. :(

If I can swing in for part of the dinner I will.

I need to check with my better half :)


Jenny said...

TJIC and me - in!

There's a Chili's right next door. If y'all want more upscale, there's a Legal Sea Food in the mall across the road.

TJIC said...

Jennifer and I - oh, wait.

OK, looks like the Social Director has spoken already. ;-)