Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll Take "Questions With Easy Answers" for $500, Alex...

Um, guys? Duh!

John Kerry still spending big, but coffers dip to $1.5m
U. S. Sen. John F. Kerry says he’s running for re-election, but his fundraising has slowed to a trickle, leaving his campaign coffers severely depleted by lavish spending on everything from an exorbitant salary for a top aide to a newly bought SUV and even a $606 feast at embattled fast-food franchise Chick-fil-A. 
A Herald Truth Squad review shows Kerry has only $1.5 million left in his campaign account, an alarmingly low total for a powerful and nationally known incumbent who faces re-election in two years.
Gee, y'think that might be because Kerry has run unopposed or virtually unopposed on the last two elections? Maybe he realizes that he doesn't *need* to fundraise - the state GOP is spending big bucks to defeat Taxagawea's challenge to Scott Brown; they're certainly not going to mount a campaign to defeat Kerry in two years.

Instead, he's living a lavish incumbent lifestyle - a chief of staff making over a quarter mil a year; $35K for a Chevy Tahoe (an evil SUV, but it's a hybrid!); and lavish meals and nights out on the town. Why work hard? He's a Democratic incumbent in the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts! The only thing that's going to get him out of office - short of a heart attack - would be a plum appointment in Obama's second term administration.

And you don't have to break a sweat shaking the hands of filthy commoners to do that!

That is all.


UGA Wino said...

A $600 feast at Chick-fil-A? Oh, that's rich! Just wait until the gay marriage proponents get wind of this....

Bubblehead Les. said...

So when Brown loses to Warren, does that mean he'll go for Kerry's Seat? Or does this mean Warren goes for another shot IF she loses to Brown? Mass. Politics are a little confusing to me, since I thought one had to have the last name of Kennedy to even be allowed on the Ballot.

Old NFO said...

LOL, concur with Les!!!

NotDilbert said...

Or if Brown wins big over Taxawegeewha will some new rich guy decide the time is right to take out Lurch

And Les........just remember that Kerry's initials are JFK