Monday, August 6, 2012

I Used to Love Her...

Ohio Man Shoots Wife of 45 Years in Hospital ICU
A 66-year-old man entered a hospital intensive care unit and shot his 65-year-old wife while standing at her bedside, Ohio police said.

Akron police Capt. Dan Zampelli told the Akron Beacon Journal that Saturday night's shooting of Barbara Wise of Massillon may have been an attempted mercy killing.

I sure hope that's what it was, and not that after 45 years of marriage he just snapped. I would imagine that a lot depends on why she was in ICU - if she'd been sick for a long time, it's possible that he couldn't bear to see her suffering any more. You know, all the love songs talk about someone being willing to die for their beloved. An act like this - helping one's life partner end their suffering - takes it to an even higher level.

Or maybe we're just seeing an early implementation of ObamaCare...

That is all.

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PhilaBOR said...

I can understand the thinking, having watched a loved one die from cancer. It was a horrible, long (2+ years) drawn out process, with nausea, pain, handfuls of pills at all hours of the day and night, humiliation and helplessness. But you have to wonder how other people who love the woman feel, knowing she was shot rather than being allowed to die.

And the shooter will probably face time in jail/prison or at least probation and a record, for what could be considered an act of kindness rather than a bad thing.

Borepatch said...

+1 to PhilaBOR. It was the same with Dad.