Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Still Don't Get It...

Got my hardcopy of this month's Guns & Ammo magazine while I was away on vacation last week. On the cover is the Heizer Double Tap:

(picture taken at the NRA convention in April)

Pretty small, right? What's not to like about a pocket gun that's barely bigger than a smart phone? Sure, it's not a primary arm, but it's not intended as such - it's a last-ditch, better-than-a-rock option for when you need that last little bit, right?

Except, let's get realistic. This isn't going to be a backup gun. It's going to wind up as a summer primary. Small, light guns are meant for pocket carry, and pocket carry just happens in the summer. When it's 90ºF outside, and all you're wearing is a pair of shorts and a tank top, who wants to go outside with a cover garment that just screams "concealed firearm", right?

So it winds up being the only gun you carry when it's hot - and that's not what it's made for. Two shots of any caliber - even G-d's Own Pistol caliber - aren't enough to bet your life on, especially not with vestigial sights and a light weight that's going to take that full power round and try to jump out of your hands. It's going to be uncomfortable to shoot, so it's unlikely to see much practice.

And while I'm loathe to argue for a smaller caliber, there's something to be said for 6+1 rounds of .380 ACP that can double as a summer carry gun:

Small pocket 380s have over three times the ammunition capacity inside the firearm, with a significantly faster reload. The Bodyguard shown weighs the same as the lighter DoubleTap, and the LCP is even lighter. With size difference between the pocket 380 and the DoubleTap negligible, and weight the same, it makes the "full power ammo" argument pretty much moot.

Certainly, small, light guns like the DoubleTap have their place. It's a supremely concealable firearm that's as reliable as a revolver (especially carried in a pocket) with full-sized power. As a last-ditch backup, especially if carried in the same caliber as the primary, it makes a lot of sense - if you carry a micro 1911 or Glock 26, having a DoubleTap in 45/9mm in a back pocket or in an ankle holster makes sense.

But as a primary, it's just not enough gun - and the danger of something this small and light is that it's going to become a primary gun...

That is all.


ExurbanKevin said...

BUT THE DOUBLE-TAP IS A .45!!!1!!!! And .45ACP, (as has been proven HUNDREDS of times in internet comments and Demotivational.com poster images), is The Ultimate Manstopper. It won't just knock a 6'8" 350 pound thug down in one shot (even if it just grazes them), but it'll knock 'em back across the street, just like Bruce Willis did to that guy in "Last Man Standing"!!!1!!!

Or, you know, not.

The guy who stood up to those robbers in the Florida internet cafe fired off how many rounds? Five? Six?

Or consider what Gerald Ung went thru. facing a half-dozen creeps wanting to do you harm.

All of a sudden, those two .45's in a Double Tap just don't seem up to the task...

BobG said...

Sort of a fancy derringer, isn't it?

GuardDuck said...

Does it come with a belt buckle holster?

Sevesteen said...

A bit of devil's advotate here:

Belief and perception is critical--if your attacker believes that a cup of coffee and a .25 is enough, then it is. Your confidence is important to establishing your attacker's belief, so if you trust 2 x.45 more than 6 x.380, it is probably what you should carry, especially considering how seldom armed good guys actually fire at their attackers.

In real life, my belief in .45 isn't close to outweighing my belief in followup shots--especially since I can easily pocket carry an 8 shot 9mm.

Anonymous said...


First rule of gunfight: Bring a gun!

It's not my cup of tea, but its a gun.

If it comes down to not carrying, or carrying a DoubleTap, carry a DoubleTap. 2 shots is better than none.

And I can make the argument that the none of the small pocket .380's and 9's have been around long enough to trust your life with them, too. They malfunction, and do it fairly frequently, especially when they are new.

Since you got your Guns and Ammo, what did you think about the Alexander Arms BLK article and the authors contention that .300 BLK is the new .30 Carbine?

The Duck said...

362 days a year I still carry my full size 1911, maybe the other 3 days I carry a Para Carry Nine, but there are those that will carry the Double Tap and likely do fine, any gun is likely better than no gun, as long as you know the limits of your gun

Weer'd Beard said...

My PM45 is the same size as my Kindle!

Still I must say the Bodyguard I bet is a LOT gentler on the mitts and allows for faster follow-ups than what that double-tap must feel like to touch off.

That is, if they ever MAKE one, as far as I can tell its still vaporware.

Anonymous said...

Vaporware like the M&P Shield, you mean? LOL!

I see the Shield written up everywhere, but no one I know has been able to buy one, and no store I can find has had one in stock. I've tried 3 different wholesalers, all "out of stock and allocated" which evidently means "get in line, buddy, we'll get one to you someday, but we ain't saying which one!"

Ed said...

There is a better solution to the problem - a Boberg Arms XR9-S:

Caliber: 9mm / 9mm+P
Capacity: 7+1
Length: 5.1”
Height: 4.2”
Width: 0.96”
Weight: 17.5 oz with magazine, unloaded
Barrel Length: 3.35”; 4.2" sold separately
Action: Rotating-Barrel Locked-Breech
Sights: Low Profile, Dovetail Windage
Sight Radius: 4.4”
Trigger Pull: Choice of 5.5, 7.5 or 9 lb DAO
Safeties: 2 (DAO & Passive Firing Pin)
Frame: 7075-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Slide: High-Strength, High-Toughness Stainless Steel
Springs: Zinc-Plated Music Wire
Grips: High-Toughness Zytel (tm) Polymer
Pins: High-Strength, High Toughness Stainless Steel
Internal Parts: High-Strength Stainless Steel
Magazine: High-Strength Stainless Steel, Laser-Welded Construction



lee n. field said...

I look at the Double Tap, and I think "No way in ....".

I'm not particularly recoil-averse, short of the .44 Magnum range, but I can't imagine shooting that thing.

On the plus side, I guess you could put it on a lanyard, next to your USB memory stick, and carry it around your neck.

"The guy who stood up to those robbers in the Florida internet cafe fired off how many rounds? Five? Six? "

5 or 6 (without sound it's hard to tell), through a Taurus TCP .380, which made me reconsider that platform. I just might get me one of those, one of these days.

Linoge said...

Supposedly I have secured a Test and Evaluation sample of this thing.

I say "supposedly" because it was supposed to be out to dealers in January.

Here we are.

If their product is as good as their production, I am going to be very concerned.

Ambulance Driver said...

Like any Derringer, it's an ear gun.

I don't plan on getting close enough in a gunfight to stick a gun in my assailant's ear, thankyouverymuch, .45 ACP or not.