Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homeward Bound

Looking around the hotel room on our last day of vacation, it strikes me that no matter where we go, we make wherever we are like home (in our case, comfortably messy). Now, though, it's time to gather our belongings and make the trek back to our home, back to where it's always comfortable.

Our vacation spanned over a week, comprising two different states, two different hotels, and a family home. We put well over 1,000 miles on the rental car (more on that later), flying into Chicago, driving north to Wisconsin and then back, plus trips during the week. It will be wonderful to sleep in my own bed tonight (especially after being shoehorned into a double bed the last two nights...), but more importantly, the pleasant familiarity of being someplace where you feel you belong lessens the sting of vacation ending.

Tomorrow means back to the old routine, getting the kids off to camp, going to work (and digging out after a week's absence), planning for the start of school in just three weeks. Things we normally take for granted (like reliable internet...) we don't notice until they're no longer around - and we realize how much we both need and depend on our daily routine. And that even extends to blogging.

More tomorrow, but for right now, I'm enjoying the prospect of getting home.

That is all.

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Dave H said...

Safe travels Jay.

I've known for a long time that vacation is really meant to make you appreciate being home. Especially vacationing with kids.

Old NFO said...

Travel safe! And enjoy the home bed! :-)

Laura said...

may your potentially-bumpy landing be less bumpy than you anticipate!

Jay G said...

Made it down and headed home now. Rage tomorrow...

Toejam said...

OH OH.....More on rental car to come.

Betcha it ain't praise.

Been there.....Done that!