Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #278

Today's gun pic is something just a little different:

This is a Remington 7600 pump-action, magazine-fed rifle in G-d's Own Caliber, Old Testament (also known as .30-06). It's topped with a Leupold 3-9X scope and has a 10 round box magazine currently attached.

It belongs to my wife's cousin, who was also our gracious host for much of our vacation. He was kind enough to take me out to his grandfather's farm and let me put a few rounds through her - he had heard I was a shooter, and wanted to see what the city boy could do, I guess... :)

They presented me with a target, a nail in the middle of an inverted mayonnaise jar on a 15X20" piece of cardboard. Which was placed at approximately 300 yards distance, further than I had ever shot previously. Fortunately I'm pretty conversant with Remington pump-action rifles, with the 572 Fieldmaster .22LR being one of my favorite "fun" guns. I managed to hold my own pretty well:

That's 10 rounds out of the Remington and 4 rounds out of his grandfather's Savage model 11 in .270 Win. Three rounds in total are missing - I chalk at least one up to my son's attempt (he had never fired a centerfire cartridge before, let alone a full power rifle round at 300 yards, so he can be forgiven). The other two missing rounds I know I dropped one off the paper entirely; the last missing round I'm not sure.

I considered it high praise indeed when I was informed "that's a dead animal right there" and was welcomed out in November to hunt with them if I wanted...

That is all.

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libertyman said...

Hmmmmm. Will this prompt "minute of mayonnaise jar" remarks?

eiaftinfo said...

Nice shooting - gotta ask though, what did their target look like??

NotClauswitz said...

That's a classic Zombie-slayer, right out of the first movie (NotLD).