Monday, August 13, 2012

Compare And Contrast...

My last post detailed the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot, where dozens of people showed up to shoot hundreds of guns without issue. We all obeyed the laws of the state and nation and followed the four rules (Yes, Glenn, you can disagree...:) ) and everyone left with exactly the same number of holes in their body that they came in with. Now, follow that up with this story from PISSED straight out of Boston, where guns are regulated and carry permits are as rare as hen's teeth:

10 shot, 3 killed in separate Boston shootings
Ten people were shot in three separate incidents in Roxbury, Roslindale and Dorchester yesterday, and at least three were killed — two of them women — as Sunday turned bloody, police said.
“It’s horrendous,” Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said on Harlem Street in Roxbury, where two women were killed and two other women were wounded when their vehicle was sprayed with gunfire by unknown suspects who may have fled in a white car. The motives in that and the other incidents were not immediately clear. “We’re working the scene, and there are a lot of clues. It’s a very busy scene right now.”
Got that? Three separate incidents involving firearms, three people killed, and it happened in a state with an "Approved Firearms Roster" *AND* an "Assault Weapons Ban". It happened in a city where unrestricted LTCs are unheard of for non-retired LEOs or glitterati, meaning that I'll bet my left nut that every gun used was carried illegally - and most likely wasn't purchased through legal channels.

I know, I know; I'm beating a dead horse with a broken record here. Gun control is an abysmal failure - it's not the tool that's the issue here. By all reckoning, the Sooper Seekrit range should have been the most dangerous place on the planet yesterday - all those guns, most of them in the hands of people with no affiliation to law enforcement or the military (although we did have a few vets present, and let them start the shootie goodness). Yet we had exactly zero casualties, not even so much as a hangnail, right there in Live Free or Die New Hampshire, whereas just over the border in MA there were multiple deaths despite all that gun control.

As a wise man once said: Gun control. It's what you do instead of something.

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I was a casualty. I pinched my finger loading up an AR mag.


Old NFO said...

NO question... you're dead on the money...

Steve said...

I often point out the difference in the rate of property crime in the towns across the state line in Mass adjacent to your sooper sekrit range and the rates in ssr and surrounding NH towns. It's a case of perception being reality in that many of the residents of Mass think NH is armed to the teeth and the local crime rates reflect that even given the proximity to Fitchburg, Worcester, and Lowhell.