Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can You Feel The Love Tonight...

Anti-hunting mob urges Team USA shooter Corey Cogdell to shoot herself, advocates violence against family

Go read some of the sentiments expressed against Cogdell because she hunts:
Levy @LuluLevy
@CoreyCogdell So you like killing animals? I hope you suffer a long, painful death. I trully do.

Natascha Bracale @TaschaB13
@CoreyCogdell pity the bus didn't crash. You are a waste of oxygen and an embarassment to the human race.Karma is a bitch.

 @CoreyCogdell I hope that someone someday shoot your whole familly just practicing.— Pablo Honney (@pablito_honas) August 02, 2012
Lookit all that there tolerance right there on display. Can you dig it? Groovy, man! It's a good thing that the left is the side of peace, love, and tolerance, isn't it? I mean, not like those bloodthirsty righties who advocate such horrible tactics as supporting businesses...

No wonder they support gun control. They view the rest of us as just as out of control as they are - full of hate and vitriol, ready to murder someone's entire family because they choose to hunt. They are so unhinged that they cannot conceive of anyone thinking differently - that they cannot control their emotions, so therefore no one else can, either.

Imagine living your life that way. Imagine thinking that everyone else out there is just as hate-filled as yourself. Imagine a life so bereft of meaning that you are reduced to trolling Olympic athletes on Twitter. Imagine having such a low opinion of yourself that you have to post barely veiled death threats against young women online, most likely behind a pseudonym. 

You'd fit right in with the Klan - congratulations.

That is all.

Thanks to reader Gerry for this BP-spiking link...


John Farrier said...

About two weeks ago, a Facebook friend showed a photo of hunters posing with their kill. Commenters freaked out. After all, meat is murder.

But meat eating is commonplace and normal. So these people are living in a mental world in which they are surrounded by murderers. Friends, family, co-workers--they're all actually bloodthirsty sociopaths.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Of course, if you or I said something like "All Peta People need to be plowed under with their Soybeans" or "TreeHuggers go through WoodChippers just fine," we'd be declared Enemies of the State and have to be kept on a Watch List.

Oooops! Did I just say some "Hate Speech?" Shucky Darns.

Sigh! Maybe I should just join the New Black Panthers or the Democratic Party. Then I can spew Venom w/o fear of Retribution, 'cause " It's my First Amendment Right to be an Asshole."

Anonymous said...

If your known by your enemies, Corey must be a hell of a woman!


lee n. field said...

It's helpful to be reminded that such people exist.

Anonymous said...

So, their target is a hunter, and such a good shot that she took a medal in the Olympics. And their plan is to attack this person?