Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Addition...

Scribbler's Dad sends in the latest addition to the count with this heartwarming story out of G-d's Waiting Room:

Customer shoots robber dead*
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. —  Instead of saving money at a Northside dollar store, a 57-year-old grandfather ends up saving the day. 
The man was doing some late-night shopping at the Dollar General store on Dunn Avenue when all of the sudden, two men stormed in and tried robbing it.
Note to criminals: This is an occupational hazard. If you knock over enough stores in shall issue states, you stand a fairly good chance of running into an armed citizen. If you run into an armed citizen, chances are pretty good they will do their level best to stop the threat that you represent. If you storm into the place and start waving a gun around, guess what? You're a threat. We can't tell if you're doing this because you desperately need the money, on a lark, or you just enjoy scaring the hell out of people.

We are a lot more likely to stop the threat - permanently.

Dead Goblin Count: 320

That is all.

*Note: I love the economy of words employed by FLA newspapers... :)


Tango said...

"G'head... make my day."

Brad_in_MA said...


The goblin who fled the scene has been caught and is charged with felony murder.

Not quite a two-fer, but a very good ending none the less.


Ed said...

Let's do the math, kids:

2 x Airsoft pistols < 1 x real pistol