Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You're More Likely to Be Shot By Someone You Know...

How many times have the antis trotted out that old tired chestnut? The number has changed since the Kellerman "study" that "showed" one was "43 times" more likely (I think now they're saying "twice", although if you look at the method by which they're determining the "people you know" metric they might as well say eleven billionty times...), but the trope still remains.

Well, blogson Merlin sends in a story that saw exactly this happen; in fact, it was a neighbor who got shot by his neighbor. But listen why...

Deputies: Homeowner shoots man in face with shotgun
COUNTY, S.C. - Authorities said a neighborhood dispute in Waterloo turned deadly Saturday night.

Investigators with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office said a man walked onto his neighbor’s front porch on Sulphur Springs Road at about 7:45 p.m. and started shooting.
The neighbor responded by grabbing a shotgun, shooting the perp in the face and ending the dispute permanently. They're already saying that they believe it's a good shoot. I'd hope so; pretty much anywhere outside MA/NY/NJ/CA someone firing a gun into your house is a damn good reason to unload 00 buckshot in their vicinity. Heck, honestly, even here in MA anywhere outside Boston you'd most likely not be charged - it's pretty clear that when someone is standing on your property firing a weapon at you you've got the right to shoot back.

At least now we know what caliber for neighbor...

Dead Goblin Count: 316

That is all.


Erin Palette said...

At least now we know what caliber for neighbor...

Not really. 12 gauge or 20 gauge? Buckshot? Birdshot? Deer slug? Turkey load?

I need answers, dammit!

Anonymous said...

This old saw about "shooting someone you know"
No shit Sherlock- what do they think, gangbangers have no family, friends, or associates?

There is one metric, solid and proven that towers a mile high over every other point in the "gun violence" question, and


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Australian Sync swimming team. Ooops!! What I REALLY meant to post was: http://www.wpbf.com/news/south-florida/treasure-coast/Teen-charged-after-shooting-outside-movie-theater/-/8882916/15680798/-/adc1wf/-/index.html
Trayvon impersonator got Trayvon'd

Anonymous said...

That man has a child that will google his name....and see all the vial remarks you have made. SHAME ON YOU!

Jay G said...

You know, I might feel a little bit bad, except that the deceased in question WALKED UP TO THE MAN'S HOUSE AND STARTED SHOOTING.

He started that confrontation. Period. Full Stop.

He walked up to another person's home - their castle, if you will, and initiated violence that very easily could have killed someone.

And I'm supposed to be ashamed that he got shot dead for that?

Nope. Sorry. Ain't gonna happen.

To the deceased man's child: Please learn from your father's mistake. Don't start shooting into people's houses as a way of resolving disputes and you won't meet an end like your dad. I'm sorry your father's poor life choices caused you to grow up without a father; if you can learn from his mistakes perhaps some good can come of this incident.