Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Know, That's a Good Question...

Dennis, he of the shiny new FFL, has an interesting question pertaining to the concatenation of his two talents:
OK...getting ready to do my first wholesale gun purchase of two units, where I'm going to build two Chimaera holsters for them, and offer them up for sale on my site as a package deal. :-)

Was thinking of doing it with what seems to be a popular little gun, the Diamondback 380. So, the question to you that a good choice, or is there another compatible pocket gun out there that is better loved by gunnies?

It was a tossup betwixt the DB380, Taurus TCP 380, S&W Bodyguard, and Sig P238.

At wholesale, the DB and TCP are the lowest cost, the Sig is highest, and the BG is between the two.

My gut, and my e-mails asking for holsters, tell me that the DB is quite popular.
So, here are the guns in question (all pictures from the respective manufacturers' websites):

Diamondback DB380:

Taurus TCP 380:

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380:


And, just for good measure, I tossed in the Ruger LCP:

Now, I'll admit to a bit of bias here. The Bodyguard 380 and the P238 are the only guns out of the five listed that are MA approved. I have some experience with the LCP through a friend (as well as having the prototype, the P3AT). I've only seen the Diamondback 380 and the Taurus TCP at the NRA conventions and SHOT Show, and I've only had experience with carrying the Bodyguard 380.

With that said, they're all roughly the same size, weight, and capacity. It comes down to which are the best sellers. I'm not as familiar with the Taurus and Diamondback, but I do know that they're not being made in anywhere near the numbers as the LCP, Bodyguard 380, or even the SIG P238. The LCP has been flying off shelves all over the country; the Bodyguard 380 is one of the best values out there; and the P238 has the retro Colt Mustang appeal in spades.

Personally, I'd say offer the Bodyguard 380 and the LCP as a combo package. I have a hunch that those are the two best sellers of the bunch, and the ones that folks would be most tempted to grab a quality leather holster to carry them with. The Diamondback 380 is an intriguing firearm, but I don't think it has the sales of the Ruger, S&W, or even the P238; the Taurus, well, I don't know if the folks choosing a Taurus would opt for a leather holster over a $20 nylon rig. (okay, got the obligatory gun snobbery out of the way there...).

So, which gun(s) do you think Dennis should offer as a combination deal?

That is all.


Walt said...

My experience is limited to the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the Ruger LCP. Of the two, I'm partial to the Bodyguard (I pocket carry one almost-daily).

Based on what I've seen at local gun shops, the LCP is wildly popular in this area.

If I had to do it all over again and purchase a Gun / Holster combo, I would be looking for a Bodyguard.

Dave H said...

From a numbers standpoint I think you're right, Jay. The Bodyguard and LCP are quite popular. I can see P238 owners (moi) wanting a nice piece of leather to carry it in, but I don't know how many potential customers there'd be for a pistol & holster combo. Plus I wonder how online sales of the P238 compare to local sales. At that price point I wanted to actually hold one before I shelled out that much money.

Dwight Brown said...

I agree with you as well, Jay.

However, I am an unabashed Smith and Wesson fanboy, so take that with a lick of salt, some lime juice, and a shot of tequila.

ASM826 said...

Diamondback 9. Why carry a sub-caliber when the 9mm version is essentially the same size?

Lay 'em side by side and consider it.

Teke said...

Unless Dennis is planning on building up a surplus of these holsters or firearms (Not sure of Min orders) he could set it up as a special order process where he orders the gun and starts the leather when the order is placed. The options could then be endless.

My carry collection is to the point that if I'm waiting for a holster waiting for the gun is no big deal. However there is the child side of me that wants that instant gratification of holding a new baby.

Mike W. said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Jay on this one.

Tam said...

You couldn't GIVE me a Diamondback. Seriously, I'd take the Taurus over the DB380, and given my opinion of Taurus quality, that should say something.

(And the fact that I'd take the KelTec over the Taurus should say even more...)

Seriously, with the LCP and S&W Bodyguard out there, the continued existence of half the other guns in this class just puzzles me.

John Richardson said...

I'd vote for the Sig P238 for the same reason as DaveH. I'll be picking up a used one this afternoon from a guy who's giving me a good price on it.

That said, I think the best combo for sales would be with the LCP and the S&W Bodyguard.

Bill said...

I have never had much good to say about Taurus, but frankly the TCP is a better gun out of the box than the LCP.

The trigger is day and night (smooth 6-lb on the Taurus, gritty 10+ on the Ruger)

The TCP actually has some decent sights, the LCP's are useless IMO.

I've had several hundred rounds through the TCP without a single issue of any kind. -And it's a LOT cheaper.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

FWIW, I've sold more holsters to fit the Elsie Pea than all those others combined. That being said, S&W made a great contribution to the segment with their BG380. If Dennis is doing a combo, it would be hard to beat that pair.

Dragon said...

Well...looks like I'll be getting in a few BG308's in the next couple weeks...

Thanks everyone for your input, and thanks JayG for posing the questions to your readers!!!

Dirt Sailor said...

I'm all about he the BodyGuard

Ed said...

None of the above.

Give me a Boberg Arms XR9-S. Same approximate size as the Sig P238, but a DAO 9mm that will handle +P ammo and with 7+1 capacity.