Monday, July 23, 2012

"You Don't Need to Stand Your Ground, You Can Just Run Away"

But what if you can't?

Paraplegic man kills intruder during Johnstown home break-in
JOHNSTOWN — John Mutter was asleep in his bed on Sunset Drive when an intruder poked him in the head with a shotgun.

Mutter, a paraplegic who keeps a gun nearby for protection, fatally shot the intruder, early Sunday, Licking County Coroner's investigator George Ridgeway said.
So, not only was the victim a paraplegic, but the goblin got the drop on him. And he still managed to get his gun and shoot the goblin DRT. Damn fine work, Mr. Mutter!

[pauses to let cheers die down]

Really, there's little to add here. This is pretty much the Brady Campaign's worst nightmare - you are talking about someone that literally cannot run away. Without a firearm to equalize the mobility differential, someone like Mutter is at a distinct disadvantage to a goblin. Those that would dearly love to take away our right to bear arms would have Mr. Mutter at the mercy of every methhead in the county, all in their Quixotic quest for a gun-free world.

I greatly prefer the world we live in, where men like Mr. Mutter plant goblins rather than submit to them...

Dead Goblin Count: 312

That is all.

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skidmark said...

Hooray for Mr. Mutter, and Hooray for Jay for understanding the implications. Wile I'm not as mobility-impaired (the current PC word for being a gimp) as Our Hero I cannot move fast nor can I move far. That means I can be put down by a three-year old - not that many three-year olds are going to stomp someone looking like Santa.*

I don't know that Sam Colt made _all_ men equal but he sure has helped me keep the playing field level.

stay safe.

*At what age do kids start getting upset that Santa didn't bring the right present? I need to know so I can avoid them.