Monday, July 16, 2012

Wonder if Executive Privilege Is Next?

Cadillac Deval apparently learned the meaning of "transparency" from Obama...

Deval Patrick locks down State House parking logs
Claiming privacy and security concerns, the Patrick administration is refusing to release records that could show when top state officials arrive for work and how long they stay.
Despite touting transparency — amid a climate of ongoing scandal on Beacon Hill — Gov. Deval Patrick has nixed the release of parking records that could reveal not only officials’ office hours, but also whether lawmakers are honestly claiming their taxpayer-funded travel reimbursements.
They're claiming it would be a breach of security for them to release the information on when state representatives are actually, you know, working. Right. Because the MA legislature often engages in high-speed, low drag operations that require tight opsec, right? Deval Patrick's office is claiming that MA lawmakers are like ninja legislators, rappelling down the side of the State House to cast votes and file bills, then slip away under cover of darknesss?

Or, is it more likely that there's rampant corruption and precious little work being done, and they don't want to disclose just how little work these folks actually do? State legislators make a tidy sum right off the bat - often times more pay just for a part time job than many of their constituents make at their full time gigs - so it's not unreasonable to want to know that, you know, they're actually doing the job they're getting paid to do.

Heck, I'd appreciate them *not* doing the job they've been doing...

That is all.

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Matt said...

"If it costs THAT much to have them do almost no work at all...well, how much would it cost to have them do _absolutely_ no work at all?" :)