Friday, July 20, 2012

This Is Pretty Damn Neat...

Remember a while back, we were talking about eye protection and the importance of wearing said protection?

Well, the guys over at Luckygunner Labs did some pretty extensive testing of different eyewear, from the cheap $5 stuff to the ultra-expensive stuff.

Go take a look at their results.

My take? There's three things I didn't expect. First off, the high-end stuff did no better than the cheap stuff, statistically, for anything other than .22 Short. The middle-of-the-road stuff (under $100) did pretty damn good, which is to be expected. And, ironically enough, the cheapo $7 Winchester glasses that I've been using for years and years did pretty darn well.

It's an interesting read, and they've done their homework here.

That is all.


Mike G. said...

great find, I will no longer be using my prescription glasses as EyePro.

BGMiller said...

Well damn.....
Looks like I'll be shopping this weekend for something to replace my Remingtons....

Great bit of work there. Thanks Jay.


Skul said...

Take heed. The importance of eye protection is critical.
Xnks for the info, Jay.

Old NFO said... Just sayin... Last year at the shoot they saved me from a ricochet from the rocks on the left side when they were playing with the ARs.