Thursday, July 19, 2012

"There's A Zombie on the Porch"

That's what I heard when the Mrs. called me yesterday at work. I was expecting the zombie, though:

(The Mrs. also had the Quote of the Day: "I know you're not supposed to bring vampires into your house, but what about zombies?")

It's a special something from the good folks at Zombie Industries (proud motto: Destroy the Undead! - I love it!) to be unveiled at the Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot. It's an extra-special package containing one of their bleeding zombie targets special for the shoot, and some other items that we will certainly have some fun with next month. I had the good fortune to chat with the folks at Zombie Industries at SHOT Show, and they were quite eager to help out with a special something for our event. Thanks!

What's really funny is that it showed up the same day - very nearly the same time, even - as this:

I've been meaning to try out that new CCI Quiet-22 ammunition - it seems like a no-brainer for new shooters to have a quieter .22LR experience for their first time shooting. I'll have a video up shortly; I intend to run it through a variety of rifles and handguns next to conventional .22LR ammunition.

Thanks again for the Zombie targets, guys, and I promise you that we will absolutely DESTROY this UNDEAD!

That is all.


Texas Whitetail Hunts said...

DESTROY this UNDEAD! sounds like upcoming movie of Milla Jovovich.

John Farrier said...

Just be sure to aim for the head, not the center torso.

Dave H said...

That looks like a guy I went to school with. I always wondered what happened to him. Last time I heard anything about him, he'd broken out of the county jail and was re-acquired up in New Mexico.

Oddball said...

The .22 quiet is fun, although it won't cycle all semi-autos. I did have a problem with the box that I got where some of the actual bullets were a little too big and caused feeding issues with my tube magazine rifles.

I should really write that review up.

Stretch said...

Try Agula .22 Super Colibri rounds. No powder. Just primer compound. Works in my Single-Six. Turns semis into manually operated guns. Won't annoy the neighbors.