Thursday, July 5, 2012

Squirrel Report Tonight!

Tonight's show promises to be a good 'un:
This week on The Squirrel Report: In honor of Independence Day we’re going to be talking about all the things you can’t do any more in the USA.
Mail order guns and lawn darts are the classic examples but there are many more.
Like the original post, don't list things here, call in! Unless you can't call in tonight, in which case do leave a comment and we'll bring it up during the show... I've already thought of a bunch, like riding in the back of a pickup truck or smoking in a pool hall.

What other fun stuff can't we do any more in the interest of saving ourselves from ourselves?

That is all.


Fly To Your Dreams said...

Allowing your kids to ride in the front seat of your car before they're teenagers. (Applies to nanny-states requiring booster seats for 7-year olds).

Riding bicycles without helmets when you're kids.

Playgrounds with metal slides.

Playgrounds with teeter-totters.

jetfxr69 said...

Neighborhoods, as in: "Go outside and play. Don't leave the neighborhood." Now due to (pick favorite social engineering theory here) the neighborhood isn't "safe", because "they" will steal/hurt/abuse/etc your kids.

Ken O said...

I'l see if I can participate this time. For some reason the report keeps getting dropped by the IPhone. I suspect anti-gun bias.

skidmark said...

Remember when there were swimmin' holes? And (really dating myself here) riding your bike behind the mosquito control truck? (Yeah, it might explain a few things, but I'm pretty sure other stuff is more to blame. :) )

But the biggest one of all - when there were losers and it was OK.

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

How bout your new freedom of reloading J. Give us some scoop on that. Most everyone is sick here at casa Riley or I'd call in and chat about this with you.

Baddog said...

How about riding on the tailgate as Dad drives slowly down the driveway? Riding in the beds of pick-ups generally. Having a gun and ammo in your closet at age 13?

Old NFO said...

Kids with guns, unsupervised... Sigh...

UGA Wino said...

My father-in-law (in his 70s now) said he once did a presentation on how to load, unload and clean a shotgun for his high school "speech" class. And yes, he brought his dad's shotgun and a couple of live shells as props.

I'm guessing you couldn't do this in America today.