Thursday, July 26, 2012

Right On Cue...

Got this yesterday as an ironic bookend to the story about Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun idiocy.

Teen Arrested in Shooting of Bronx Boy, 4
A teenager was charged with murder in Sunday’s shootout at a memorial basketball tournament that claimed the life of a 4-year-old Bronx boy.

Police charged Rondell Pinkerton, 17 years old, of the Bronx, with murder and criminal possession of a weapon Wednesday for the fatal shooting of Lloyd Morgan, the child killed when a stray bullet struck him in the head while he was on a playground next to a basketball court in the Forest Houses.

Okay, let's review the score, shall we? 17 years old - he is too young to possess a handgun in any state, let alone carry one. He definitely does not have a permit to carry in NYC. And he opened fire with a full capacity magazine, which I am fairly certain is also illegal in NYC.

So what does Hizzoner have to say?
The shooting outraged the neighborhood and Mayor Bloomberg, who said it pointed to the need for tougher gun laws. “Four years old, life snuffed out. There’s not a lot else to say,” he said. “We all know about the scourge of guns on our streets, and we have to get them off.”

Yep. Let's pass another law for the gangbangers to ignore! Let's make firing a gun into a crowd double-plus illegal! That'll learn 'em! Yeah, if it wasn't for the NRA and all those knuckle-dragging bitter clingers, we would have "common sense gun control laws" like, oh, not allowing teenagers with violent pasts to possess firearms.

All the laws in the world won't stop this. This isn't the kind of thing that can be stopped with words on paper. It is stopped with a combination of education and incarceration - put these punks away for long, hard time, and make sure the next generation knows that a long stint in a cold prison cell is what awaits them if they make the same mistake.

And it's the absolute height of irony - and arrogance - that even in his own personal fiefdom he can't keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. Even in New York State, one of the last holdouts of "May Issue" gun permits and Assault Weapons bans; even in NYC where a permit is required simply to own a handgun; even there he can't keep a gangbanger teenager from getting a handgun and shooting into a crowd indiscriminately. All the laws in New York were meaningless.

And yet Mayor Bloomberg thinks that more laws are the answer - ask yourself why that is.

That is all.
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Dave H said...

Sounds like the mayor needs to quit fussing over gun laws in Arizona and Colorado and focus on his own city. It's what his constituents are paying him for after all. Or he could just, you know, step off.

Brad_in_MA said...

There's a bigger, broader issue here. Most major cities in the US of A, NY, Chicago, Detroit, LA, Miami, DC, etc., are polluted by a culture of violence. The only way to stop the random and wanton killing of innocents is to reverse the culture of violence. While I agree with what you pose, stopping the culture of violence is akin to winning the hearts and minds. It can take generations to affect change, if change can be affected at all. Kinda like asking a zebra to instantly become a simple onager and lose its stripes. Pres Johnson tried it back in the 60's with The Great Society and wound up with The Miserable Failure. Sorry . . . I just don't see it happening.


Mikael said...

There is legal open carry without age limit in multiple states(new hampshire, wyoming, maine, missouri)... although the firearm would not be registered to the minor, but they can carry their parent's gun.

In alaska and montana the age limit is 14. In vermont it's 16. And in louisiana it's 17.

That makes 8 states where a 17 year old can carry without even needing a permit.


Not trying to detract from your points or anything(I agree!), just correcting facts.

Matthew said...

Mikael beat me to it, about Alaska.

No registration of any kind and legal private party purchase at 18 as well.

rtolliver said...

The only true way to curb the violence is to make those that perpetuate the violent crimes fear their intended victims, a role reversal of sorts.

Solution...gun safety is either made part of gym in high school or part of home economics, what's more economical than protecting what you own? (sorry, I had to there)

Next, gun and ammo purchases are tax deductable as "home improvements"

A second checkbox is inserted right next to "organ donor" on your license, check yes if legal to carry a firearm, concelaed, open, or just as an extension of one's hand

Finally, enact a FEDERAL stand your ground law and make it a felony to attempt to prosecute anyone who has reason to believe they just spent 50 cents on a bullet to protect themselves, their family or their home.

Turn the criminals into victims and the victims will cease to exist.