Monday, July 30, 2012

Pre-Natal Olympian, Thanks to Shooting.

A reader sent in the following feel-good story that was too good not to share.

Pregnant shooter's Olympics end after 34th-place finish in qualifying
LONDON – Her baby kicked inside her – arms stretching, legs flailing – so Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi clutched her rifle and cooed what any pregnant woman should say while standing in the Olympics with gun in hand.

"Mommy is going to shoot here."

And if that isn't the best story of these Olympics, what possibly is?
Read the whole thing. If there isn't a smile on your face at the end, well, go kick a puppy or something... ;) There are few sports in the world where a woman, eight months pregnant, could compete on the international level. Track and field, individual or team sporting events, gymnastics; none of these can be performed by someone in late term pregnancy at the same level as someone in perfect form.

Shooting, once again, is the great equalizer.

Others more knowledgeable, skillful, and/or eloquent than myself have opined on the zen of shooting; the self-control needed to calm one's nerves and ready one's body for the absolute stillness needed to make a long distance hit, the fast, steady reflexes needed to be a competitive pistol shooter against world-class competition; or the grace and fluidity needed to excel on the trap field. There's amazing skill on display in the shooting sports, and watching a master work his art - like Jerry Miculek shooting a revolver - is nothing short of poetry in motion.

Some get it. Most don't. A small subset are unable to see anything beyond "GUNS BAD". For the last group, nothing we say or do will change their mind, so my advise is to forget them. They are a fringe element, nothing more, and as the word gets out and more people learn how much fun shooting is the smaller their circle gets. It's the other group - those that don't necessarily get "the gun thing" but are open minded about it - that we should focus on.

That reminds me - I need to take a new shooter to the range soon...

That is all.

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