Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Another roundup of interesting stories folks have sent in recently...

My blog got an honorable mention at a recent Appleseed event.

Check out the seventh picture. That banner was provided by 123Print through the contest they sponsored here a few months ago. It's great to see it going to such a great use - helping instruct folks how to be riflemen!

Mopar sends in a story about - surprise, surprise - an Only One that doesn't get it.

In short, gun sales are up after the Aurora, CO shooting spree, and the usual suspects are puzzled:
But Thomas Nolan, a former Boston police officer and former associate professor of criminal justice at Boston University, said the route to safety lies in tighter control of guns.

“Many people would agree, this kind of violence doesn’t take place in other parts of the world as it does in the United States, because the weapons aren’t available,” he said.

Really? You mean like how they use machetes to hack each other to bits in Rwanda, or explosives in the Middle East? That's so much more civilized, isn't it? I'm sure the dozens of folks blown to pieces from a car bomb appreciate not being victims of gun violence, asshole.

The BLNN reports that even the clueless sometimes see the writing on the wall.

I love the disconnect. Oh, that evil "gun lobby", actually getting the word out to their members and engaging in political activism. If only we could stifle those evil right wingers!


Gerry points out the sad state of the prisoner-exchange program.

He had to escape to get medical treatment. That's a new one on me. You know, my heart just gushes for ya, pal. It must be tough being a mafia enforcer under a death sentence because you squealed to get a lighter sentence for murder.

Snitches get stitches, indeed...

Tango sends in an update on DGC# 225.

Yep, you guessed it. The mother of the goblin shot dead by the store manager is suing Kroger because one of their employees shot her son - while he was robbing the store. The store has a no-guns policy for workers, and her lawsuit centers on Kroger's inability to prevent their employees from being armed. I hope they counter sue her for raising a NFG goblin who got what he deserved - although it's crystal clear where he got his family "values" when his own mother sees his death as nothing more than a money making opportunity.

Joseph in IL sent in the coolest idea that'll never happen.

Detroit as a zombie theme park? I think they could do this better as Old Detroit from RoboCop, myself, especially if they could give out Beretta 93s for folks to shoot attempted rapists in the nuts with...

And lastly, Mopar sends in a possible DGC.

A 67 year old homeowner was forced to shoot a naked man high on crack. Senor Crackhead broke into the man's home, attempted to steal his television, and then attacked the homeowner once spotted. Homeowner repeatedly told crackhead to leave, and was forced to shoot Crackie once he was attacked.

Gun control: Because being beaten to death by a naked crackhead is morally superior than a dead junkie.

That is all.


Lupis42 said...

So what are the chances we could get you to an Appleseed?

We can turn 'minute-of-berm' into 'minute-of-angle' in just two days.

Anonymous said...

You know, I could very easily see three different sub-sections of a Disfunctional Detroit theme park: Robocop area, a zombie zone for the kiddies, and then a Last Centurion area for those wanting a serious challenge.


karrde said...

Would they hand out paintball guns at the door of the ZombieLand theme park? I think that option would make me much more likely to go.

(I live in the area; there are sections of Detroit that look nice and sections that look like a set for Zombieland: the Sequel.)

Matt said...

"Detroit as a zombie theme park? I think they could do this better as Old Detroit from RoboCop, myself"

Too expensive. There's no way they could afford to clean up the city to look as good as it did in RoboCop. :)

Daniel in Brookline said...

I hadn't realized that the banner was from your contest, Jay! (You should have demanded that they put your logo on it...)

Miss Z will no doubt be pleased to get her picture on your site again (if only from behind, wearing her pink "shoot like a girl" baseball cap). Thanks!

Ross said...

What - you guys thought I was kidding when I said I'd use the winnings for Appleseed and GOAL? GOAL is rocking some nice pens courtesy of 123print.com, too.

So, Jay... the next Appleseed at Harvard is coming up in a week and a half - August 4-5. Luv2BFree is shoot-bossing it. My offer still stands...

TOTWTYTR said...

Someone should send Mr. Nolan a "Save Dafur, Send Rifles" bumper sticker.

Nah, he wouldn't get it.