Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Okay, That's More Like It...

Joseph in IL sends in another addition, and this one's a goodie...

Fatal Bassville Park shooting justified as self-defense, prosecutors decide
Gregory Gayle was shot to death April 7 by his sister's fiancé, Jakob Penrod, at Penrod's Huggins Street home in what has been determined to be a self-defense shooting.
Witnesses confirmed Gayle had repeatedly attacked Penrod and refused to leave his home. During their last fight, in a bathroom where Penrod tried to retreat, Penrod fired his gun intending to hit the floor but the bullet struck Gayle instead.
Now, it's a tragedy when the goblin comes from the same family. In this case, it looks like the shooter did everything in his power to avoid what happened - he retreated (when he had no duty to do so) to a bathroom, and even tried the Hollywood "shoot him in the leg" trick to stop him. Well, it stopped him all right - permanently - showing the folly of the "why didn't they just shoot him in the leg" crew.

It's a tough decision, but the deceased brought it upon himself. He had been staying in his sister's fiance's house for what was supposed to be a short stay, and wound up overstaying his welcome. When told to leave he became combative and violent, and actually came back to the house with the intent of resuming an earlier fight. He then broke down a door and started beating the fiance, at which point he earned his bullet.

It's sad that he had to shoot his fiance's brother, but the only other choice he had was hoping he wasn't beaten to death...

Dead Goblin Count: 310

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Yer gonna love this goblin smackdown. Sorry it is in this format as it was stolen from gottagetdrunkfirst.com


wizardpc said...

That is rough. I mean, it sounds like everyone knows he did the right thing, but imagine the mother-in-law issues this kid is going to have.