Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, Those Misogynist Republicans!

Stretch sends in this story about the shameful actions of another misogynist Republican:

Shock as Boston rep arrested in domestic assault
Rep. Carlos “Tony” Henriquez of Dorchester, a rising star with deep local political roots, is due to be arraigned today on domestic kidnapping and assault charges stemming after a woman told police the Democratic legislator held her against her will in his car early yesterday and punched her when she tried to get away — charges that have shaken Boston’s political leadership.
“I know Rep. Henriquez to be a good person. It caught me very much off-guard,” said state Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston). “Not only was I surprised by it, I was disappointed. I know of nothing violent with Rep. Henriquez. That’s why it seems very much out of character.”
Oh, wait...

Sure sounds like they're angling for a "bitch set me up" defense, doesn't it? With Henriquez's political pedigree - Mom is the assistant secretary for public and Indian housing for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (probably why Henriquez was showing up at photo ops with Fauxcahontas), dad was on Ray Flynn's "War on Drugs" task force - he's out on $1K bail for assault and attempted murder. Must be nice, eh? Beat someone up, try to kill them, and be out of jail for the price of a big screen TV.

Again, let's play "Imagine If". Imagine if Scott Brown had showed up at an event where a young Republican shook his hand and posed for a photo op. Then imagine that young Republican getting arrested for beating and trying to strangle his girlfriend. What are the odds that the picture of Brown and said young Republican would *NOT* be plastered all over the front pages of the two MA newspapers?

In MA, you don't have to be felon to be a representative, but if you're a Democrat we'll look the other way...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Jay -

The quoted article mentions Henriquez being a "Democratic legislator" - did I miss a /sarc tag somewhere?

- Mike

Jay G said...


Yeah, pretty much. It's a trope that the GOP is anti-woman, between them being the party that wants to outlaw abortion as well as opposing the ERA.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that makes sense... I was scratching my head, thinking "The article *says* it's a Dem..."

- Mike

Windy Wilson said...

If Massachusetts works its bail system like California, if you can put up the whole amount of the bail, you get the whole amount back when you show up on the appointed day at the appointed time. With $1000 bail, that should have been a cash and carry proposition for the representative. Had it been, say, $100,000 bail, he'd have to pay 10% to a bail bondsman who puts up the remaining $90,000, and who therefore is on the hook for $90,000 if the choirboy doesn't show up -- explaining the motivation for bailbondsmen to locate, subdue and return the skip.
$1,000 bail. I agree. Must be nice to have connections. The Rep might even relocate to be a neighbor of Roman Polanski if things look bad.
Just saying's, all.

Old NFO said...

I'm betting this never even goes to trial...