Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not Surprising...

Erin Palette reviews Crimson Trace Laser Grip sights.

She received the grips from Crimson Trace for her mom's LCR, and blogged from her mom's perspective. It's a great read, and shows what happens when folks who aren't immersed in the gun culture react to things we take for granted. She has some suggestions from her mom's point of view for ways they could make the instructions clearer for folks who aren't as up on the lingo, and it's not a half-bad idea.

Great review Erin!

That is all.

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Snowdog said...

report didn't say if when the police found them the mom was in the process of kicking juniors ass. I'd assume if she was they'd not mention that just so they wouldn't have to charge her as well.