Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Choices Are Always Good...

Got a note from the good folks at KVAR Corp. about a new AWB compliant AK-pattern rifle on the market:

I'll let them tell you about it:
K-Var Corp is excited to announce the arrival of the FINAL PRODUCTION of SLR-107CR rifles.  These Bulgarian rifles in 7.62x39 feature side-folding butt stocks that have been pinned in place and non-threaded barrels, making this the first Arsenal Bulgaria 7.62x39 caliber firearm made for the NY/NJ/MA compliant market!

SLR-107CR - NY/NJ compliant, stamped receiver, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, 7.62x39 caliber, front sight block / gas block combination, cleaning rod, black polymer furniture, stainless steel heat shield, non-folding (pinned) polymer stock, 2 stage trigger, and scope rail. Comes with one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.
The MSRP is a little on the steep side ($1,059), although I do have to remind myself that the days of the $350 WASR-10 are long behind us. Last time I looked, WASRs were going for $600 - $700, and that's with a trigger that'll slap you like a outraged date. Add the cost of the  synthetic furniture instead of varnished particle board to the refined trigger and scope mount, and I'm guessing that the off-the-shelf price is pretty well in line with other AK-pattern rifles.

Hmmm. Wonder if they have a T&E program?

That is all.


George said...

The Bulgarian rifles are the top of the line in the AK world, without going to a custom builder like Krebs.

Pakkinpoppa said...

I have one of the SAM-7, milled models. It's top notch.

Got it from a bud about 10 years ago for the princely sum of 575...what he paid for it as a gun store employee.

And, after years of badgering me to sell it back, he found one for sale on the open market. Yeesh...appreciation on those He picked one up a week ago for 1350. Used.

And the stamped ones are 8 to 12. Well worth it based on that. Wish I'd kept the SLR95 I had when I bought the SAM7...D'oh!