Thursday, July 5, 2012

Look Out Dennis!

There's a new leather worker in town! Commenter "oldradartech" sent in some pictures of his handiwork in dead cow, and it's pretty flippin' sweet!

He makes sheaths:

and these beauties:

and a sheath for a tomahawk:

and a frog for said tomahawk:

Nice work, oldradartech!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...

As a former Eagle Scout, I love the leather items sporting the Fleur de Lis. Nice work. Maybe OldRadarTech can make a knife sheath for Abby !!

Suz said...

Does Abby carry a knife? I'm envisioning a jewel encrusted dagger of sorts.

jetfxr69 said...

The center knife in the second pic appears to be a Mora...

Old Windways said...

I am very fond of my Mora, but it came in an el-cheapo plastic injection molded sheath with flimsy (and undersized) belt slots. Something like this would be most excellent.

Old Radar Tech said...

Yes, it is a Mora, and the owner had the same moral objection to the plastic sheath.
Drop me a line at Gmail, we can gin something up!

Ed said...

"Former Eagle Scout"? Once earned, absent of becoming an ace-murderer or such, you are always an Eagle Scout.

Dragon said...

Heya Old Radar Tech!

Nice leatherworking! I'm not one for knife sheaths...while I can do something basic, I guess I don't have the patience nor passion for them that you need to turn out really great stuff.

Love the cover for the tomahawk!

Old Radar Tech said...

Thanks! We'll probably meet up eventually, you're in my neck of the woods.
I got into this hobby because I couldn't find a decent tomahawk sheath. It seems to have taken off from there.