Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Long Drop, and a Sudden Stop

Too bad we've removed that as a method of punishment these days. Another BLNN submission:

Sex offender accused of attacking boy in Portland
PORTLAND, Ore. – A man on parole for trying to infect children with HIV nearly twenty years ago pulled a boy into a Portland restaurant bathroom over the weekend, attempted to sexually assault him and then stabbed him several times, police said.
The 10-year-old's injuries from the attack Sunday were severe enough to require surgery, and officers said he would have died without immediate care.
This is a guy who served a whopping 11 years in jail for molesting nine children. Boy, he really learned his lesson, didn't he! I'll wager he spends at least two or three years for this attack, and will be let out with a very stern warning not to do it again. A pity we don't have more Texas fathers around.

The one thing I wanted to mention, aside from the not-limited-to-MA coddling of criminals, is the age of the victim. It's a common assumption that younger children (under 5) are the most common abductions, but the reality is that from 8 - 12 is the most common range. We start giving them more freedom at that age and less oversight, as they mature and grow and start needing to spread their wings. We tend to watch younger children carefully, and the older ones are big enough to present their own threat (heck, my 11 year old son is as tall as my wife).

I think it's safe to say that out of all my nightmares, this one's right up near the top.

That is all.


Roger said...

With all due respect. I don't think that I would want to be anyone that hurt your children.
I suspect that the police, jails, prisons, etc would be the LEAST of my worries.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"Too bad we've removed that as a method of punishment these days."

The only reason I would have to disagree with that statement is my lack of trust in the ability of our current "justice" system to get things right, except in very limited circumstances.

Okay, there is one other reason, but that boils down to "hangin's too good for 'em." What I'd like to do to people like that is something that shouldn't be committed to the public record of the intertubes.

Sabra said...

Y'know, there's a reason Virginia has a law allowing for civil commitment of sex offenders once their criminal sentence has been served.

Phssthpok said...

Had he done that just across the river in Vancouver Wa, the short drop/sudden stop would still be a viable option.

In fact it wasn't that long ago we did just that!

p.s. Good thing we keep knives and guns out of the hands of youngsters...what possible use could they have for them?

p.p.s. It's a good thing Portland prohibits loaded open carry too...

greg said...

If you think you are worried about it with your son, try being a father of two petite little girls.

Anonymous said...

One more observation:

All that talk about how child molesters have a really tough time in prison?

Apparently not tough enough. Here's hoping someone whacks the SOB soon. Not someone in prison.

gordo said...

Portland? I thought the unicorn pepper spray farts & the assault rainbows would have stopped such an evil doer. Nothing like that EVER happens in Portland. According to the local ragsheets up here Portland is better than NIRVANA.

Ken O said...

Take kiddie rapist to the woods and chain him to a tree. Bolt his weaponry to the rusty spool of a boat trailer winch; turn slowly until separation. Play five minutes of yodel dog symphony on your Primo's coyote call and leave for home.