Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keep 'Em Coming!

Reader Gerry sends in the latest addition.

Investigation Continues In Hart County Home Invasion
It was a frightening Sunday afternoon for a couple who live on Flint Ridge Road in Horse Cave after an intruder tried to break in during broad daylight.

The homeowners refused to go on camera Monday but said a man with a crowbar rang their doorbell and then broke through their front window. The intruder, 60-year-old Randall Clemmons of Dallas, Texas, was shot by one of the homeowners. Clemmons fled, getting into his car that according to State Police was stolen out of Texas.

What's frightening to contemplate is what Clemmons had in mind when he smashed through the window. Now, they don't state if he did it immediately - it's entirely possible that they saw Clemmons approach and didn't answer the doorbell, and he broke the window once he thought the house was unoccupied. Or he could have just smashed the window figuring that he had a crowbar and anyone that got in his way was going to get hurt.

You see, that's the problem with people coming into your house uninvited. They don't have little lights over their head with mouse-overs that say "Had too much to drink" or "thinks his friends are playing a prank on him". Someone comes into your home without your permission, you haven't the foggiest idea if they're a pushy salesman, a clueless college kid, or an ax murderer.

Which is why you let Mr. Mossberg do the questioning.

Dead Goblin Count: 313

That is all.

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