Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Not Just Massachusetts...

(image courtesy of Robb Allen)

North sent in this video about a program in Baltimore that should make you angry:

Look! More magic unicorns giving away cell phones! Yay unicorns! Now, MA is the only state I know of that gives away free cars, but at least we're not alone in providing free cell phones to anyone that walks up and asks for them. What scares me the most is not the blatant fraud, rampant abuse, or even the brazen gimme mentality. It's the simple fact that this story didn't surprise me in the least.

It's hard to fathom why such a program would exist, it really is. Cell phones - despite what the bleeding hearts might tell you - are not a basic human right. They're handy, certainly; having a portable method of communication is quite important if one is looking for a job and wants employers to be able to get in touch with them easily, etc. But setting up a program to just hand out a free phone to anyone that asks? Who on earth thought this was a good idea?

Especially galling is that they see nothing wrong with the complete and utter lack of accountability. This program was originally intended to provide landline service to folks so that they could reach 911 in emergencies - and now look at what it's become. Walk up to a van, give your name, walk away with a free cell phone. In Baltimore alone, the number of people getting free phones balloned from 6000 in 2008, to 231K in 2011 - and the cost went from $1 million to $24 million.

$24 million to hand out free cell phones to anyone who asks. No accountability. No oversight. Ballooning costs. All that's missing is someone screeching "It's for the children" and you would have the picture-perfect parody straight out of the Onion. It's hard to imagine a program - as executed - that could more perfectly illustrate the handout mentality and the magic unicorn thinking that permeates modern leftist thinking.

Free cell phones? Yay unicorns!

That is all.


Chris said...

What's even better/worse: the gov't advertises this program aggressively on the radio, etc. But the majority of my fellow Marylanders (a majority made up of gov't workers, moochers, and the rest of the Dems' constituencies) keep voting for the tax-and-spenders. Why not? It's not as if those voters are paying the taxes, in many cases.

Anonymous said...

If you live close to Baltimore go get yourself a free phone. You are paying for it with your taxes.

Anonymous said...

"$24 million to hand out free cell phones to anyone who asks. No accountability. No oversight."

It's Fast & Furious, but with phones instead of AK-47s.

- The Senator

TheAxe said...

Yeah, what Chris said.