Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is This the World's Greatest Coincidence, Or What?

Just as we were discussing the Fast & Furious debacle - and seeing Darrel Issa being ridiculed for wondering if it were part of a larger gun control campaign, in comes this interesting story:

Talks on global arms treaty set to begin in New York
A month of UN-hosted talks are due to kick off in New York, aiming to establish a treaty controlling arms sales around the world.

Over the coming weeks, negotiators will seek to determine the scope of the treaty and to reach a consensus.
Isn't that interesting? Just after Attorney General Eric Holder was cited for contempt for his role in stonewalling the investigation into the Fast & Furious operation - where the United States deliberately allowed US-made guns to cross the border - there's an international treaty on small arms. What are the odds? Of course, no international talk on arms would be complete without international PSH and deliberate lying out the wazoo:
"It is an absurd and deadly reality that there are currently global rules governing the trade of fruit and dinosaur bones, but not ones for the trade of guns and tanks," said Jeff Abramson, director of Control Arms.
Really, Jeff? Want to inform us, then, what exactly it is that ITAR does, then? How come we can't ship a scope mount outside of the United States without ITAR clearance if there are, as you say, no global rules? Oh, you were LYING, I get it. That's what you gun grabbers do - you lie. You use places like Syria, where the government massacres its civilians with firearms, as evidence that we need to curtail the small arms trade - and then draft legislation intended to take firearms away from private citizens.

Please, just please, someone tell me they'll respond by pointing out that ITAR is a US-initiative. Right after they get through donning the hair shirt over the United States being the largest exporter or small arms, right? I mean, no one would ever think to point out the irony that the largest exporter is the one doing the most regulating, right? Of course, speaking of irony, there's the simple fact that the UN had (has?) Syria on the Human Rights Commission...

Get ready folks. I'll don the tinfoil hat and play "let's imagine". Let's imagine that the MSM had been successful in keeping Fast & Furious under wraps. For a good long time, the narrative was that American guns were being smuggled into Mexico, where they were being sold to the cartels and used to murder civilians, police, rival gangs, etc. All of a sudden there's this global talk on small arms trade and how it should be regulated - and wouldn't the story about those poor Mexicans murdered by guns made in the U.S. of A. (did we mention the largest exporter of small arms? This paragraph I mean?) just fit right in?

Watch these slimy SOBs every damn second. They are just positively salivating to introduce British levels of firearms control here in the US - they've taken down the other former subjects of the British crown already, and we stand as the last bastion of personal freedom. They would love nothing better than for the American small arms manufacturers to be run out of business; to see Smith & Wesson shuttered; Colt nationalized; Remington, Winchester, etc. relegated to the dustbin of history. Then and only then could they go about their business with impunity - because you know as sure as G-d made little green apples green that the state would never give up its arms.

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but that sentence gives me the shivers, and not the good kind.
That is all.

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Old NFO said...

This IS the 'hook' to force gun registration in the US, and limit trade/sales of guns...

Wally said...

ITAR has already crept very far in its scope in the years it has been in place. It is not NOT a US mandate... ITAR fees all go to the secretary of state directly.

$3500ish, a year.

Who is responsible to pay ITAR? Anyone involved in anything to do with arms. Make a firing pin? Yes. Provide training? Yes. Sell firearms? Yes. Make sights? Yes. Sell a wooden stock? Yes.

ITAR is a giant tool that was implemented with some catastrophic downside. Department of State now has the authority to enforce quasi-international law that isn't law elsewhere? Yeah, just like ATF "enforces" Epa law. Or policy, I guess would be more accurate.

Braden Lynch said...

We must never accept any UN treaty on firearms. If we are so disarmed, then total tyranny will be around the corner.

Syria, China and Iran do not have our best interests in mind...ever.

Never Again!
Molon Labe!

Cormac said...

I wonder if this is what all that Executive Privilege nonsense was covering up...?
How many other nations were in on F&F?
Was Mexico the only one in the dark?

Greg in Allston said...

Be stoic, stay alert, teach your children and make sure that there's a rifle behind every blade of grass. Should the day ever come, know that there are far worse things in this world than dying for what you believe in.