Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Hate Reading Stories Like This...

Former Marine Guilty of Having AK-47 From Iraq
A federal jury in Southern California has convicted a former U.S. Marine of illegally possessing a chrome-plated AK-47 that may have once belonged to a member of Saddam Hussein's royal guard.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Allen Chiu said in a statement Tuesday that 40-year-old Joel Cleve Miller, of Twentynine Palms, was found guilty last week of illegally possessing a machine gun.

Gah. This is just so much bullsh*t I can't even see straight. The guy served his country. At the very most, take it away, destroy it, and hit him with a fine. Instead, he's going to get hit with felony charges and who knows what else, all because of the giggle switch?

Quite simply, there is no reason whatsoever for machine guns to be illegal. In fact, it's blatantly unconstitutional, because our soldiers are issued machine guns - NFA34 and the Hughes Amendment work to deprive us of the very tools with which our armed forces are equipped. At the very most, this guy should have been fined for not paying import taxes.

Yeah, he should have known it was wrong; but dammit, it shouldn't be.

That is all.

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wolfwalker said...

I recall reading years ago of an obscure federal district court case that ruled the ban on automatic weapons was unconstitutional. Seemed like a solid decision. The government never appealed it any higher, so it only applied in that district, but that doesn't mean it can't be cited as precedent, yes? Maybe the chap has grounds for an appeal?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Some General after Panama got caught trying to bring back some AK's, but he never got sentenced to 10 years in the Pokey.

But I don't think ANYONE was allowed to bring back "War Trophies"even during WW2 if they were Full Auto since the NFA was passed. Which is why German MP-40's are so damned expensive, even if you had a Class 3 License.

Anonymous said...

Jury nullification case?