Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How I Spent My Weekend...

Well, at least part of my weekend... Sunday afternoon I met Daniel from Brookline and his daughter Z. at my gun club. Daniel and Z. are taking the Appleseed course next weekend, and had purchased new 10/22 rifles for the event, and wanted to familiarize themselves with the rifles before the actual shooting started. Smart idea, that.Well, since Z. and TheBoy had been shooting together before, I invited him along. I grabbed my 10/22 (the new one, the Takedown model), the new S&W Bodyguard 38, and my High Standard H-D Military, newly refurbished courtesy of the maestro of metal Wally.

The Ruger had about 500 rounds through it at this point, and aside from a periodic stovepipe out of the aftermarket Eagle pre-ban 30 round magazines has been absolutely rock-solid (and it's not really fair to count 20 year old magazines that weren't all that great to begin with against the Ruger...). The Bodyguard 38 is brand new, with a sum total of 10 rounds through it from a quick trip July 4th (you just have to hit the range on the 4th!), and the High Standard was also running through it's paces as well.

Daniel and Z. got their 10/22s running just fine after a quick tutorial to familiarize themselves with the controls. I brought three different metal targets with me for shooting: 2.5" swinging steel plates, the 4" auto-resetting target from MGM Targets, and a new 10" steel plate from AR500-Targets. All three were set up at 50 feet, and away we did blast. Both Z. and TheBoy really liked the 10" plate, as evidenced by this lovely bit of video guaranteed to make Sarah Brady inconsolable:

Yeah, he liked the big steel plate. A lot. So did I, even scoring a couple hits on it with the snubnosed Bodyguard 38! All three guns performed very well, with the High Standard showing signs of eminent cleaning needed (I think the Ruger might get a perfunctory bath, too - one of the real strong points of the Takedown model is that it comes apart quickly, allowing for rapid cleaning from the breech). The new steel plate also comes highly recommended, especially for the low price ($22!!!).

And I got to spend an afternoon at the range with my son - that's the greatest part...

That is all.


Weer'd Beard said...

Good shooting for the boy!

You can see once he cements his hold and sight-picture his groups tighten right up!

That's how competent shooters get good! Have him keep it up!

.45ACP+P said...

So, when does JayG go to an Appleseed?

Daniel in Brookline said...

It was a great time... thanks again to Jay and Mr. G the Younger!

And I think it deserves to be said again -- when it comes to taking a nervous first-time shooter to the range, or even (as in this case) someone wanting to learn a new firearm, I've never met a more gracious host, nor a more patient teacher.


Firehand said...

Suitable sticker needed for the plate: "Dance, monkey, dance!"