Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hooray! Unicorns!

Yankeefried sends in another story of typical governmental cluelessness...

MBTA adding thousands of security cameras, thanks to federal grants
A series of grants, notably a $6.5 million grant two weeks ago, will allow the MBTA to add thousands of security cameras across the system, doubling the current number.

The MBTA has 15 to 20 projects already in the works with many more in the queue line, said Randy Clarke, senior director of security and emergency management for the MBTA.
Say it with me folks: All security cameras do is help the sheep feel better. They don't stop crimes; often times they don't solve crimes; and any sense of "security" they provide is purely illusory. What jumped out at me (as pointed out by YF) was this:
Each camera costs “a couple thousand” dollars, not including installation costs, but the initiative is 100 percent federally funded, Clarke said.
Right! Magic unicorns just poop out a couple grand (plus another $500+ for union-mandated installation) for every single camera. Yay unicorns! That money just pops into existence because you filled out a grant application, right? It doesn't come out of my paycheck or anything; taken from me and millions like me at gunpoint allegedly so that the government can perform important government-like functions.

Like putting completely fucking useless cameras in MBTA stations, to catch criminals who will promptly be slapped on the wrist and set free. Yay unicorns! I'm sure that the money that's going to pay for those cameras won't come with any strings attached, right? The fedgov is just kicking over $6.5 million dollars so that the MBTA can solve crimes and arrest criminals - that the MA justice system will release by the end of the day.

But hey! Look! Cameras! We're safe! Yay unicorns!

That is all.


Ferret said...

The Ministry of Fatherland Security isn't just doling out billions of dollars for camera systems like this for the good of all mankind. They're going full-steam-ahead in building the kind of panopticon only dreamed about in fictitious TV cop-shows.

I guaran-damn-tee it won't be just MBTA who has access to those cameras.

Anonymous said...

DHS does not pay for upkeep. Typically that will run 5-10% of purchase price per year.


Notdilbert said...

.......and someone will need to be hired to sleep in ...I mean watch all thoose security monitors

Braden Lynch said...

So, are we next going to hire union unicorns to watch the monitors?

If so, in many freedom-hating states like Massachusetts, they need to be disarmed first by sawing off their horn, which would make them horses, I guess.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Luckily,the MBTA has plenty of money to pay the electricians' local to run cable and power lines, the telecom electricians' local to wire and network them, and National Grid to pay for the powe... oh, wait, the T is hemorrhaging money like a gut-shot victim. Screw it, it's a leper colony on wheels, anyhow. Privatize that bitch!