Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Luck With That...

N.Y. makes ad pitch to lure businesses
New York has stepped up efforts to attract business to the state with a slick, two-year, $100 million marketing campaign that includes a new website and ads featuring celebrity New Yorkers, even as Bay State officials disputed the effectiveness of such campaigns.
With one month down, “The New New York Works for Business” website alone,, has had “roughly” 23,000 unique visitors and just under 26,000 page views, said Andrew Zambelli, counselor to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Yeah, ask Dennis how business-friendly New York is. It's so business-friendly that he took his burgeoning holster business out of state to a more business-friendly area. Here's a tip, NY - rather than wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to lure businesses to NY, take a look at why businesses are fleeing the state in droves.

The other interesting thing was the response from MA:
But Michael Greeley, a general partner at the Boston venture-capital firm Flybridge Capital Partners, called New York’s campaign “brilliant” and said Massachusetts “suffers from not looking cool enough.”
Right. See, that's the issue. MA isn't "cool" enough. NY is "cool" so businesses will overlook the insanely high cost of doing business and the overreaching nanny state (no trans fats! No large sodas!) to do business there. They'll gladly suffer on the global market through the higher prices they'll have to charge to stay in business, just so they can be located in New York.

Meanwhile, states like VA and TX are laughing all the way to the bank...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I guess China and Mexico are super cool! That's why so many companies open plants there.



Dave H said...

Those food regulations are only in the city. The rest of us can wallow in our own filth as far as NYC is concerned. But we still have to pay our fair share of taxes to support the stuff NYC likes.

Bram said...

Do these taxes and onerous regulations make me look cool?

justcallmemyra said...

Now, now. I'm sure New York City's a great place.

If you're a politician or other kind of organized criminal and can, therefore, take full advantage of the situation.