Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #277

Today's gun pr0n belongs to friend, commenter, good egg and all around mensch Brad_in_MA. He's slowly building up his armory, acquiring the necessities first (.22LR handgun and a centerfire boltie), and has added this to his collection:

Marlin model 60, the "other" .22LR rifle. He told me what he paid for her - her name is Abigail, Brad tells me - and if he hadn't picked it up, I would have been sorely tempted at that price. I think Brad put it best, though:
She's a basic rifle.  Clean.  No frills.  Nice lines.  Simple.  I don't want a whiz-bang tacticool .22 mall ninja special.  I like Abby just the way she is.  Honest, original. 
Yep. There's a definite appeal to the model 60. I picked one up many years ago, a stainless model with a laminate stock, and I found it to be supremely accurate. The great part about the tubular magazine, too, is that you're not tempted to go out and buy a gazillion magazines for it like with certain Rugers... :) There's still a wide variety of modifications that can be made, with triggers, sights, and new stocks the most common. There's even a bullpup stock - on Amazon, no less!

Enjoy her, Bradley - she'll always treat you right!

That is all.


Toejam said...

I shed a tear every time I see a thread concerning .22LR weapons.

Sadly, my Remington Nylon 66 which I received as a Christmas present in the 1950's has gone missing. What a beauty, 13 rounds in a tubular magazine fed through the butt. I could put out all 13 in less than 5 seconds and I never had a jam.

I put me a Weaver scope on it back then and it was accurate as hell out to about 75 yards. Could take the eye out of a fly.

I wonder what the price would be for a used one in very good condition?

Dave H said...

I like Brad's taste in guns. (And names.) There's a place for space age polymer and alloys, but my first love is wood and blued steel.

Bubblehead Les. said...

We have one of the Marlin 60's.

Actually, the Wife has one of those.

It used to be mine.

Now it's hers.

One of those Rules when the Wedding Ring goes on the finger, I guess.

Erin Palette said...

I have long been a proponent of tubular magazines, especially for 22 LR.

Would love to get a Marlin myself, since my 22 is a boltie, but I'm still working on the necessities.

Brad_in_MA said...

Hey all, Brad here. A bit about Agigail. She was built in CT in 1990 and her condition can be described as "barely fired." The steel is perfect with no rust, the bore is clean, and there's not so much as a single scratch in the wood. As for the Genesis of the name . . . I argue that "Abigail" is the quintessential "chick" name for a bad-ass New England woman. Think Abigail Adams.

@Dave, thanks for liking my choices.

@TJ, I can't say what Nylon 66 guns sell for on the used market, but I can tell you that Abigail was all of $75. I saw her it the used page of a local shop at 4.30 in the afternoon on day zero, and by 9.30am the next morning, she was in my possession.

I've taken Abigail out once so far, and if I do my part, orange clays on the 50 yard berm don't stand a chance with my crappy eyes and the iron sights. Next up, probably a 4x fixed power scope.

- Brad

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep I have a Glenfield Model 60 (Marlin Contract to Sears) and combine it with my S&W 617 revolver they are two of the most fun and easy ways to turn a brick of .22 into smoke and noise.

No sharp magazines to scuff your fingers on, just simply dump the rounds in, close it up, and you're ready to go.

Also my old Model 60 is SCARY accurate. they say its because of the micro-grove rifling, all I know is its VERY hard to miss with that gun.

Siddhartha said...

I love my model a75, even made a wooden bullpup stock for it 10 years ago. Talk about a fun gun!!!

Brad_in_MA said...


I've only shot the rifle a couple times. I believe Abigail to be accurate enough for clays sitting on the 50 yard berm, but my crappy eye and the little itty bitty open sights just don't work well. As such, I'm considering a 4x fixed power scope.

In addition to accurate, the gun is also reliable. My fave "go to" ammo for .22lr is the 36 grain copper plated federal bulk pack stuff. I've run at least 300 rounds and without fail, each and every one has fired.

I'm gonna enjoy Abigail for many, many years to come.


Firehand said...

Daughter's first rifle. And son's first was a variant.

They're still working