Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot: Ordnance

Okay, so we've had a date picked for a while. We're less than two weeks out (YIKES!) and it's time to nail down the important stuff: Who's bringing what?

Every year I haul out a significant portion of the G. armory only to bring most of it back unshot. This year I want to streamline things a bit and hopefully not throw my back out lugging case after case onto the shooting line. In that spirit, here's my list of ordnance so far:


VEPR (.308 Winchester)
Turkish Mauser (8mm)
Ruger 10/22 Takedown


Mossberg 590 (12 gauge)
Winchester 1300 (12 gauge)


Smith & Wesson model 27 (.357 Magnum)
Colt Gold Cup National Match 1911 (.45 ACP)
High Standard H-D Military (.22LR)

Now, this list is absolutely not inclusive; I reserve the right to add in anything else I haven't shot in a while to bring with me. I'm also more than happy to bring along something for someone to try ot - if you've seen something I've posted here, give a shout and let me know and I'll drag it along. I'm certain I'll bring more than what's listed; these are only the guns that have either been asked for or I really wanted to bring them anyways.

One of the big reasons for getting a general sense of what's going to be at the shoot is so that I - and other attendees - know what to bring for ammo above and beyond that which will feed the guns we're bringing ourselves. Our patron saint of full auto (Wally) will (hopefully) be bringing a couple machine guns - one in .223, one in9mm (and possibly the .300 BLK) - so bring some decent brass-cased store brand ammo if you'd like to convert money into smoke and noise. There's always State Line Gun Shop right down the road if you want to grab more ammo, too.

A quick note about the Sooper Seekrit range: It's a 50 yard range, so any tricked out long distance rifles will not get a chance to stretch their legs any. You're more than welcome to bring them, of course; we'll be happy to fondle and drool over them like we did OldNFO's SCAR last year, but if you've got something that can circumsize a groundhog at 1,000 meters, it's not going to get a chance to prove it...

So, what's everyone else bringing of note?

That is all.


Mopar said...

Every year I streamline down more and more. I've been thinking about what to bring, and the only thing I have for sure on the list for this year so far is the Vortek .50 pistol.

ASM826 said...

Scarprin is an advertisement. Soon to be deleted, I hope.

Brad_in_MA said...


Please consider your 422. My pal "Irish" will have his smith Mod 41. Be interesting to pit the two against each other. The 422 still have the red-dot atop it?

I'm working on "Irish", hopefully he'll bring his Enfield Jungle Carbine. It's nearly pristine.

Will The Snubbie From Hell (tm) be making an appearance? BHP 9mm perhaps?

You think anyone will have a beretta 92 (aka M9) ?? I've been wanting to try one for a while.

I'll have Mosin Nagant 91/30, Marlin 60, Ruger 22/45 pistol.

- Brad

ZerCool said...

I pondered just this question about a week ago. My answer is:
- the M&P15-22
- the DF AR
- a carry piece
- a big bag of ammo

Can't wait to see you all again!

Mopar said...

Brad, I can bring a 92FS if you want to try one on.

Maybe Jay should just ask what everyone would like to see/try?
Knowing most of the people attending, I bet one of us could could come up with just about anything. :)

doubletrouble said...

We have a 422 here that you can try out, but pitting a 41 against it is like an imperial IPA against Keystone light- no contest.

Brad_in_MA said...

Double --> My pal's 41 is dead to nuts, freaky scary accurate. He routinely shoots the center out of spent rifle cases at 50 feet with bulk pack ammo. Give the 41 the good stuff . . . eyes out of fleas are no problem.

Mopar --> I'd love to run a couple mags through the 92, thanks. Does it digest Winchester White Box? And I agree with your idea . . . ask Jay to indulge the attendees by having a post on "Does anyone have x/y/z I can try?" I love it. This is part of what the 2A community is all about -- SHARING!!

Christina LMT said...

I'm bringing what I have, which is my CZ82 and my Marlin 880 SQ. With plenty of ammo for both!

Mopar said...

Brad, it likes WWB just fine.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Going Light Myself. NO 1919 Browning, No Sten.

Probably the Dan Wesson in .357, the Baby Browning in .25ACP, my Iver Johson .30 Carbine.

And my Keltec P-11 in 9mm.

Still thinking on what Stabby Rifle to bring. THOT plans on attending, so you KNOW we have to have a Bayonet Charge!

And Ammo. Even some to Trade/Barter. At LEAST a 1001 Rounds of mixed calibers, just to P.O. Laughtenberg.

BTW, did the K.R.I.S.S. go back? If not, well, I could buy some .45 ACP....

Jay G said...

Sorry, Les, the KRISS ha gone back already...

Glenn B said...

I was thinking about this last night and blogged about it myself.

I am thinking of bringing a few pistols like my Remington 45, a Beretta 92FS, and maybe my Beretta 70S and my Ortgies. Then there are the long guns to consider. Thinking of lugging along my Remington 870, the Marlin 336, a Nagant or two, maybe my AK or Yugo SKS, and my Yugo Mauser. Maybe some rimfire rifles too.

I am not certain of any of them yet, except for the Beretta 92FS (because I will be carrying it) and probably the Remington 45. Other than that, they are all up in the air. My Remington 870 is always a good bet for me to bring along too but I am strongly considering not bringing it unless I have a good amount of reduced recoil ammo on hand; my shoulder has not been up to shooting a 12 gauge lately.

My son is still not sure he can get off from work that weekend so he is up in the air too. I am hoping he will come along. He makes shooting worthwhile for me and I know he would enjoy it.

All the best,
Glenn B

libertyman said...

Jay, I will bring your favorite Mossberg, of course. Any interest in the Fiveseven? I have a new Smith I will bring, too. Maybe some old classics to try. Lots to think about.

Glenn B said...

I did some reading on the gun laws in the states I will have to drive through in order to get to very gun friendly NH. There is no problem driving through NY state even though I have to go through NY City. When it comes to CT, it does not seem that there will be any problems but as far as MA goes - WHOA. I am thinking of contacting the state police in MA to find out if me transporting an AR15 and a Romanian WASR AK47, both with hi-cap magazines, through MA, will turn me into a felon or not. From what I saw in The Traveler's Guide to the Firearms laws of the Fifty States, it seems I am okay going though CT but maybe not through MA. Since going through only NY and VT would add about 3 hours to the trip, if MA is going to be a problem, well then I will only bring my handguns and some bolt action rifles and a pump shotgun.

Anyone know if MA hon ors the terms of the McClure-Volkmer Act which allows someone to transport firearms through a state where they otherwise would be illegal so long as they were legal at the starting point and are legal at the ending point. The traveler's guide mentions M-V in relation to CT but not in relation to MA. I sure dont want to get arrested if I am stopped nor get my son arrested if he comes along.

By the way, remind me please, where is the actual range located, what state? I am hoping it is NH.

All the best,

Andrew said...

G34 with can (crowd favorite)
Franken AR
Marlin 1895 GG .45/70 (boomy)
S&W 617

Brad_in_MA said...


If your normal mags, those of more than 10-round capacity were built prior to September 1994, then the mags are ok. MA law says that an unmarked mag is considered pre ban. So as a general rule, an unmarked mag for a gun that existed before 9/1994 is generally ok. Mags marked for LEO or military use are strictly verboten. This applies to pistol mags as well as rifle mags, even those for .22lr.

Check out the laws section on GOAL.ORG for more details. GOAL is the 2A rights advocacy group here in MA.


Old Windways said...


If I remember correctly, the range is in the free state of NH (just don't wander too far past the back stop).

Ken K said...

i'm hoping to have my SBR done by then (awaiting parts and 5320.20 to be returned). short of that, my 16" AR and likely the .45 i built

Laura said...

FML. :(

Glenn B said...

Brad in MA and Old Windways,

Thanks for the info.


TOTWTYTR said...

Lot's of .22LR stuff.
Ruger 10/22
S&W Model 18
S&W Model 34
Walther P22

Schmidt Rubin K31
(maybe)Mosin Nagant 91/59

Probably a couple of Smith 3rd generation semis (besides the one I'll be wearing)

JD said...

Going mainly 22 this year. . . and a few pistols. will have the black powder and a 10-22, Ruger 22 M&P 9, and a 1911 at this point. trimming it down since we are staying in NH the night before.