Monday, July 2, 2012

Fifth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot Update

Wow, where does the time go? The shoot is a little over a month away, and folks are making plans from all over the country to attend... It's hard to believe that this is the fifth annual shoot - it seems like just yesterday I had the crazy idea of herding all these cats around... :) So, once more, here's the standard format:

Date: Sunday, August 12th.

Time: The shoot starts at 10:00 AM and goes until we're kicked out (typically before 5 PM - and to the best of my knowledge Doubletrouble has never kicked anyone out; we generally have had so much shootie fun that we're ready to go home and nap...)

Location: Doubletrouble's sooper seekrit range, the location of which is highly classified. It is in New Hampster, though, so all ordnance is accepted.

mopar and Cher
Bubblehead Les
JD & Mrs. JD
Wally and A.
Ross and Shootin' Buddy
Old Windways
NH State Rep Bruce MacMahon
Laura & Chris

Mrs. Zercool
Mrs. yankeefried
Dave H.
Glenn B.

Okay, here's the bad(ish) news. With 21 definites and six maybes, we're very close to capacity on the Sooper Seekrit range. At this point we're not turning folks away, but we might have to ask if folks could stagger arrival times or some other option if we get many more definites. We've had close to 30 people on site in years past; rarely more than 4-5 people shooting at one time; this generally works well (and I will have Mr. Whistle to call hot and cold range, of course). I'm not ready to turn anyone away yet, but we're starting to get close. If you're on the fence about coming, sooner rather than later is a good time to speak up...

Miscellaneous: As with last year, this is a "pack-in, pack-out" shoot - if you want to bring a Sturgeon-class submarine to shoot the hell out of, go right ahead. Just be prepared to drag the bullet-riddled carcass out with you. We can call the sub shop for lunch, but someone should step up to take care of the lunch order so Mrs. Doubletrouble doesn't have to deal with that again...

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

That is all.


Laura said...

hey Jay - my Mass friend's still interested in coming, and i believe we'll be picking her up in Lowell on the way make it a total of 3 for us. :)

fast richard said...

I'd love to come to a blogshoot sometime, and this one is on my birthday, but it doesn't look like it will happen this year. Maybe one of these years I can take an vacation.

Dave H said...

Sad to say I won't be taking up any space on the line. My employer is being tight with vacation approvals this summer because of a hot project.

So the rest of you folks have a great time and talk it up on the blogs. Show me what a great time I'm missing!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Hotel being booked in 3, 2, 1... : )

Jay G said...


Good news! I missed you guys in St. Louis; it'll be great to see y'all again. And to meet the friend that's only a couple towns over from me, too!


We have the Bloggershoot about the same time every year, so plan accordingly...

Dave H.,

Sorry to hear; but like I told Richard, there's always next year!


Same hotel as last year? I'll need to know for the planning of the Saturday evening dinner... Thanks!

JD said...

Cat hearding? Really Jay? Have we gotten that easy to heard?? = )

Glenn B said...

I'll be coming. Please let me know the location of the hotels again so i can make a reservation.

And thanks for the reminder, it had slipped my mind.


Weer'd Beard said...

man good turnout this year!

Bummed I'm gonna miss it!

Brad_in_MA said...


I am right outside of Lowell. It would be great to meet another MA shooter, especially a lady shooter. My wife, and the wife of a friend have both expressed interest in learning a thing or two of the shooting sports and what better way than to have one lady introduce another. Please send my email -- bradr65 (at) gmail (dot) com -- to your friend. JayG can vouch for me. I've known him since 2004.

Jay, as soon as I know of my exact status, I'll ping you. And count me in for two.


Laura said...

Jay - when i last talked to her, she was pretty stoked. so are we. :D

Brad - my friend's a relative newbie, as well. she's had some rifle exposure, but not much beyond that. i figured what better way to get her fully indoctrinated than to take her to something that would be a hell of a lot of fun?

Marko Kloos said...

I'm in too.

Mike W. said...

Put me down as a maybe

libertyman said...

I wouldn't miss it!

Mopar said...

We'll be making a weekend of it again as usual. Didn't mind the hotel we stayed at last year, but I'm open to other suggestions if Les has a better place?

Ross said...

Jay, I am, at this point, iffy for the shoot. I will let you know at least two weeks beforehand if I'm in or out.

As for packing in a Sturgeon class sub... no can do. Might be able to get my hands on an Ohio, though...

adz said...

will you be sending us sooper sekret directions? or should I just listen for the huge thunderbooms of the sturgeon class sub?

Anonymous said...


Ken K said...

Hey Jay;

I look forward to making the shoot for the very first time, as I said in my email, I am not strictly a gun blogger but I blog about a bunch of things and firearms happen to be a passion!

hope to be seeing you all and meeting you all on the 12th!


Doug said...

I'm a blogger up in Maine and would love to attend. Please send me some more info on the location and any laws I need to know and I'll be there. My blog is over at and you can email me at

ZerCool said...

I believe Les and I will be staying at the Super8-Airport in Manchester, NH.