Friday, July 6, 2012

Dragon Leatherworks: Not Just for Carrying Guns Any More

Now Dennis is gonna be selling guns, too!
Dragon Leatherworks is now a Class 01 Licensed Firearms Dealer!
In order to service our growing client base, Dragon Leatherworks applied for, and has now been issued, their Federal Firearms Class 01 license. What this means for you is that if you have a firearm which we do not list as an available model for a holster, you can ship us the firearm through your local FFL (we would provide your FFL with a copy of our license for his records of the transfer), we will build and fit the holster specifically to your firearm, then ship it back to your FFL with the finished holster for you to pick it back up.
This really makes a lot of sense for Dennis to be doing. Now he can custom-fit your holster to your firearm for a precise, snug fit rather than relying on blue guns and similar firearms. This means his holster line is essentially unlimited - if it's out there and you can ship it, he can make a holster perfectly tailored to it. And, not for nothing, if you're in the area he can order anything your little heart desires for you - and make a holster for it to boot!

Congratulations, Dennis - and don't forget where to look when you need a national sales manager...

That is all.


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Actually, the FFL could mail it to the dragon for much less bux than UPS or FEDEX wants.